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When you think of a steakhouse, the first thing that comes to mind is a guys’ night out. A steakhouse is the quintessential go-to-spot when guys pretend to be men and plan a dinner with their buddies. When the Divas were invited to the media opening event for Vertigo Stk + Bar in downtown Montreal, our curiosity was piqued. We figured we might get lucky and run into a few good men … which we did but we’ll get to that later 😉

Vertigo Stk + Bar, Montreal - OutsideLocated on University St in the Altitude tower, Vertigo Stk + Bar is the newest addition to the family of restaurants from the management team behind Grange vin + bouffe and Café des Éclusier. The red carpet event aimed to appeal to a broader crowd and the restaurant was packed with both media and invited guests.

Vertigo Stk + Bar, Montreal - InsideWe were greeted at the door and given our VIP pass along with a clip-on nose ring, just like the models were wearing in the Vertigo Stk + Bar campaign, and the waitresses in the restaurant. We opted to forego the gimmicky nose ring; we prefer our piercings to be in more discrete places.   The restaurant occupies a huge space, with a very modern décor and plenty of windows. A spiral staircase leads you to their second floor which also has a terrasse.

Before making our way upstairs, which was reserved exclusively for VIP members at this event (how fabulous!), we did run into our favourite blogger, Day Jobs and the Night Life, and his talented photographer. We really love his pictures and we are planning on nabbing him eventually! These guys definitely make events more fun, and we always look forward to seeing them at media events.

Vertigo Stk + Bar, Montreal - Won tonsOne of the first canapés to come our way were the won tons fried in sesame oil with a soy sauce dressing. These rather large wontons were stuffed full of meat, they were tender and the won tons themselves were not overly fried to a crisp. We just wish that we didn’t have to hunt down the spry servers, we were hungry and these won tons were tasty.

Servers were making their way through the crowd serving white sangria and wine, as well as different bites of food, though food was hard to come by. On the bright side, wine was not hard to come by…since it was so packed, we decided to take matters into our own hands and head straight for the bar to refill our wine glasses. We are efficient! Vertigo Stk + Bar, Montreal - Steak Sashimi One of the canapés that went by was the steak sashimi, which was served in a small bamboo vessel. The outside of each slice was covered in steak spice and then seared, leaving the red meat completely raw. It was aromatic and delicious and it sat in an Asian-inspired hoisin-like-sauce. The meat was tender and the Divas were impressed, so much so that we were soon flagging down the waiter to return.

Somehow we always manage to find oysters, and though we were heavily intoxicated when they came before, we were nonetheless very happy to see them. Our favourite of the bivalves were meaty, salty and delicious; as they should be. They arrived with a little tube holding olive oil and herbs that when released would serve as a topping for the oyster. Lemon wedges decorated the plate and we soon caught ourselves looking around for more servers holding trays of oysters.

Vertigo Stk + Bar, Montreal - Oysters A visit to a steakhouse is not complete without a big chunk of red meat. Nothing screams “I am a man’s man” more than a man eating red meat! We were treated to the cowboy steak which was presented and served on a wooden cutting board. Cooked perfectly to a medium rare, the sliced steak sat in its own juices and was tender with a salty crust. The four of us could have easily polished off the entire portion of steak. We wish that the servers had left the cutting board behind!

Vertigo Stk + Bar, Montreal - Cowboy SteakAs the night went on, we continued partying with Day Jobs and the Night Life and his fabulous photographer, enjoying the atmosphere, the view from the second floor windows and the wine. And there was plenty of wine! Actually there was too much wine, our glass would be half full and another would be arriving to take its place. What were we to do? We chugged like sorority sisters at an American college.

We had a great night at Vertigo Stk + Bar – the atmosphere is grand and the food was intriguing. They have the traditional 5 à 7 on Thursdays which they’ve dubbed Meet Market Thursdays and they encourage patrons to “let yourself go to your instincts, give up to your drive”. If you’re looking to try out a new steakhouse and want something a little different, check out Vertigo Stk + Bar, downtown Montreal’s newest addition.

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