Terrasse Place D’Armes Hotel, Montreal Restaurant, Bar

Terrasse Place D’Armes

Gorgeous summer days in Montreal are fleeting and because we are used to our unpredictable summers, we often overlook one… Continue reading »

Le Richmond Marché Italien, Montreal Market Bistro Restaurant - Chocolate tart

Le Richmond Marché Italien

The Divas fell in love with Le Richmond, having been for dinner in 2013 and their maple brunch in 2014… Continue reading »

“Polpo Scottato: Octopus, chick peas, escarole, nduja, cucumber salsa verde” 19$

Buonanotte Summer Menu

When we told you that the food at Buonanotte was good, we weren’t lying! Chef Marco Bertoldini has taken control… Continue reading »

“Os à moelle, bruxelles frits aux zestes de citron, pancetta, parmesan, focaccia” 14$


Famous female Montreal chefs are a rarity, so we love it when a restaurant is hyped up with a woman… Continue reading »

“Bombay: Spicy chicken, pineapple chutney, sumac onions, red cabbage” 6.00$


Grilled over maple charcoal, Omnivore is truly a restaurant for everyone. Herbivore and carnivore friendly with a Middle Eastern flair,… Continue reading »

“Margherita: San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella and basil” 13$

Bottega II

This was certainly not our first time at Bottega in Little Italy. But it was definitely the first time that… Continue reading »

Doca, Montreal Restaurant - Oysters & Scallops


It’s not very often that a restaurant will capture our attention at a media event but Doca surprised us. From… Continue reading »

“Waldorf served with our classic balsamic vinaigrette: romaine lettuce, mixed greens, dried cranberries, walnuts, apple, pear, blue cheese” 9.99$
“Roma served with sun dried tomato and basil vinaigrette: romaine lettuce, mixed greens, bocconcini, broccoli florets, cherry tomatoes, black olives, baked pita chips, fresh basil leaves, diced red onion, dried figs” 10.99$ 
+ Grilled Seasoned Chicken 3.50$


After a night of drinking in excess, the next morning is clouded with many half regrets, thoughts and ideas, one… Continue reading »

Jatoba, Montreal Restaurant - Albacore tuna tataki


If you haven’t figured it out by now, the Divas have a love affair with food. We appreciate a well-crafted… Continue reading »

Special: Platter of Grilled Lamb Chops, Octopus, Artichokes, Pork, Greens with a Sicilian Salad

Le Slang Labo à Manger

We only really got excited about Le Slang Labo à Manger when we heard that Giancarlo Martino (previously of Hostaria… Continue reading »

“Falafel: Laffa” 10.29$

Chez Benny Express

Chez Benny Express is a kosher restaurant in Ville St-Laurent that is known for its pita and laffa sandwiches that… Continue reading »

“Shrimps La Sirène (or sumac): Shrimps grilled, sautéed or fried” Moderate 11.99$ Regular 22.99$

La Sirène de la Mer

When a Mediterranean seafood restaurant has an adjoining seafood and fish shop next door, you know that you’re going to… Continue reading »

Grey Goose Canada Summer Soirée, Montreal Event

Grey Goose Canada Summer Soirée Party

Sometimes, we are left speechless. A rare feat… The Divas were invited to a Summer Soirée hosted by Grey Goose… Continue reading »

“Seafood Tower (Lobster, Crab, Oysters, Clams and Shrimp” half 80$ full 140$

Lucille’s Oyster Dive II

We’ve been going to Lucille’s Oyster Dive since 2012, but lately we catch ourselves recommending this seafood haven more frequently…. Continue reading »

St-Viateur Bagel Shop, Montreal Restaurant & Bakery - Bagel

The Original St-Viateur Bagel

Since 1957 St-Viateur Bagel has been a part of Montreal foodie history. Montreal has a serious foodie culture and it’s… Continue reading »


La Boîte aux Huîtres in Marché Jean Talon

The Divas have an inappropriate relationship with oysters. We simply can’t get enough of them! We love eating them as… Continue reading »

“Saucisse-Choucroute” 8$

Boucherie Lawrence

Oh Montreal, how we adore you and your versatility! Boucherie Lawrence is a butcher shop in the Plateau down the… Continue reading »

Photographer: James Correia

ICRF – Taste for Life Event 2015

“When you have two years to live or less, you really don’t live your life the way other people do.”… Continue reading »

Labarake Caserne à Manger, Montreal Restaurant

Labarake Caserne à Manger – 1 Year Anniversary Event

When you get invited to a restaurant’s anniversary party organized by Tracey Brooke PR, you make sure to clear your schedule… Continue reading »

“Papardelle al Ragu Fughi Misti” 23$

Lucca II

Diva #1 and Sweet Pea have been going to Lucca for years and though we reviewed them in 2013, we… Continue reading »