Olive et Gourmando, Old Montreal Restaurant & Bakery - Croissants

Olive et Gourmando

In 2012, we wrote a whimsical piece on Lunch in Old Montreal, which featured a bakery, a restaurant that we… Continue reading »

“Quebec Strawberry toast: rosemary & garlic rubbed artisanal bread, fresh spinach, spinach pesto, strawberry & basil salad, burrata, strawberry puree, and homemade strawberry fruit roll up shards”

Monsieur resto + bar

There are times when you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and sit down with… Continue reading »

“Côtelettes D’Agneau à L’Origan: pommes de terre et legumes”


Modavie threw a lavish event to celebrate its newly renovated interior and its new association with the Université de Montréal’s… Continue reading »

Mozzarella Pizza 19.13$


Saint Henri is quickly solidifying itself as a go-to neighbourhood in Montreal, new restaurants are opening their doors every week!… Continue reading »

“Funny Maki (4)” 12.75$
(Fried red tuna, hamachi and avocado topped with a spicy salmon tartar)
T.M.T (4) 7.50$
(Fried red tuna, shiso served in a warm tensuyu sauce)

Jun I

On one particular visit to Park Restaurant, we asked Chef Antonio Park where he eats sushi in Montreal, besides at… Continue reading »

sorry we-re closed

Baldwin Barmacie

***Sadly this Restaurant is Closed*** We’ve been meaning to post an article on Baldwin Barmacie for a while. We love… Continue reading »


Festival Yul Eat Montreal 2015

If there is ever a time to visit Montreal, it is during the summer months. We aren’t called the city… Continue reading »

Bocata - Lobster Roll
Photo Creds Tanya-Kay

7th Annual Montreal Oysterfest 2015

We have both a love and hate relationship with Montreal Oysterfest, it’s our favourite festival of the year, so we… Continue reading »


Cabane à Sucre Au Pied de Cochon VI

In the past 3 years, the Divas haven’t missed a season at Cabane à Sucre Au Pied de Cochon. We’ve… Continue reading »

“Fresh goat cheese croquette: caramelized nuts and beet purée” 12$

Le Valois II

Montreal is bursting with restaurants, we sometimes can’t keep up! So for us to return to a restaurant shortly after… Continue reading »

“Venison Tataki, horseradish, beet, spruce”


From the outside, the newest supper club to hit Montreal looks rather ordinary.  Located on de Maisonneuve in downtown Montreal,… Continue reading »

Le Burger Week, Montreal Restaurant -  Burger

Le Burger Week 2015 Kickoff Party

Sometimes a craving for a really good burger hits, and everyone has their favourite burger joint that makes it just… Continue reading »

Spa Balnea, Thermal, Eastern Townships, Bromont - Beach club

Été des Chefs at Balnea Spa

Every Sunday during the summer, there is a gourmet food competition at Balnea Spa in Bromont. Ten of Quebec’s best… Continue reading »

“Homemade soft serve” 4.22$ “Cone” 0.87$
“Two scoops on a cone” 5$

Kem CoBa

This summer has been the summer of ice cream parlours in Montreal, whether they only recently opened or have simply… Continue reading »

Tapas 24 Snack Bar, Old Montreal Restaurant - Braised beef cheek

Tapas 24 Snack Bar

Tapas 24 Snack Bar is the newest addition to the MTL Cuisine group, the little sister of Tapas 24. Created… Continue reading »

“Raviolis maison” 20.90$

L’Express II

We’ve been so many times but we just can’t seem to stay away. Restaurant L’Express is a Montreal institution and… Continue reading »

“Puffs” 12 for 4.50$, 30 for 10.00$ 50 for 16.00$ OR 2 boxes for 25$ on Monday to Friday

Mr. Puffs

Diva #1 can only compare a visit to Mr. Puffs to returning to her father’s village in Greece. It’s the… Continue reading »

“Steam bun with belly pork or marinated tofu” 4.99$/8.99$ (2)

Satay Brothers

After spending the day outside, taking in the sun, Diva #2 and G-Spot were getting a little hungry. Or rather,… Continue reading »

La Dolce Vita Gelato in the Villa Armando, Montreal - Ice Cream & Sorbet

La Dolce Vita Gelato in the Villa Armando

The newest trend in Montreal is ice cream parlours, and trust us, Montreal has plenty. Gone are the days of… Continue reading »

“Sous-Marin Steak” 8.00$

Dépanneur Le Pickup II

This little lunch spot /corner store is perfect when you want an inexpensive yet delicious bite. Dépanneur Le Pickup is… Continue reading »