6th Appearance on Global Montreal’s Foodie Friday with Camille Ross

As Sensei always asks, bewildered, “why do the people at Global keep asking you to come back?” We don’t know… Continue reading »

“Salumi Misti – Chef’s Choice of Mixed Cold Cuts” 12$

Pasta Casareccia

It’s not often that the Divas venture outside our usual surroundings but now and then, we can be convinced. Such… Continue reading »

Vertigo Stk + Bar, Montreal - Won tons

Vertigo Stk + Bar

When you think of a steakhouse, the first thing that comes to mind is a guys’ night out. A steakhouse… Continue reading »

“Beef tartar, « bouton de marguerite », parmigiano reggiano, kalamansi“ 18$


Usually Diva #2 plans everything to the smallest detail, but this year Diva #2 left her birthday plans until the… Continue reading »

"Grilled-Cheese au Porc Effiloché : Porc effiloché BBQ, mélange de fromages maison, pain au levain" 7$

L’Gros Luxe

When you think of cheap eats you think of a pizza parlour, maybe a simple burger joint but they don’t… Continue reading »


Montreal Food Trucks 2014

The re-launch of the Montreal street food scene one year ago has translated into a successful endeavor that is now… Continue reading »

“Champion: 4 Meats, 4 Sides, Pitmaster's Choice” Full 58$ Half 36$

Moonshine BBQ

Whitey loves her BBQ, she lived in the southern USA for two years and since her return to Montreal, she… Continue reading »

“Bulhão Pato Clams - In a White Wine, Garlic and Cilantro Broth” 12$

Taverne F

The Divas had a 5 à 7 food event and as per our tradition we left a little hungry. Canapés… Continue reading »

“Fried Chicken and Waffles (Southern Georgia)”

Le Fumoir Rubs Smokehouse

It’s no secret that the Divas don’t venture beyond certain geographic boundaries in Montreal. And one of our least favourite… Continue reading »

“Ceviche de poisson: poisson blanc et ferme, jus de lime, oignon, pomme de terre sucrée, piment rocoto”

Callao & Baldwin Barmacie

In a rare moment and blip in the universe, Diva #1 arrived early to an event, which often scares Diva… Continue reading »

FCO di Fiumicino, Montreal Pizza - Margherita Pizza

FCO di Fiumicino

Pizza, Prosecco and gelato, with an offer like that, how could we refuse? The Divas were invited to celebrate FCO… Continue reading »

“Antipasto Vino Rosso: Prosciutto melon, mozzarella di bufala, grilled vegetables, fried calamari and grilled octopus” 30$

Vino Rosso

Diva#1 grew up in Ville St-Laurent where she attended both elementary and high school. It comes as no surprise that… Continue reading »

“Boudin sur Brioche” 8$

Bishop & Bagg

Sometimes a gal needs to meet up with one of her closest guy friends and just talk! Talk about the… Continue reading »

Photo 2-8-2014, 12 48 01 AM (2)


When I say SAKE, you say BOMB….”SAKE” – “BOMB” !!!!! You walk into Imadake Izakaya and you can hear Reno,… Continue reading »

“Braised pork ribs, mushroom purée, cauliflower and roasted mini fingerling potatoes, BBQ cheese curds” 25$

Sel Gras

The Divas had been hearing about Sel Gras for a while, but when Mr. Wonderful and the Foodie Guys both… Continue reading »

“Croquettes de Morue avec salade, choux & choix de sauce” 12.95$

Comptoir 21

The Divas are all about fabulous, lengthy, boozy dinners. But sometimes you just want to get a quick bite to… Continue reading »

“Club Chipotle” 7.50$

Dépanneur Le Pick Up

After a fabulous birthday weekend of eating and drinking to excess, the Divas were finally in recovery mode on a… Continue reading »

Photo 2014-06-02, 1 38 48 PM

5th Appearance on Global Montreal’s Foodie Friday with Camille Ross

When the Global Girls, the Divas, Sweet Pea, Vegan Vixen and our dear, patient Sensei decided to go out for… Continue reading »

“BBQ Pork Steam Buns (2)” 10$

Big in Japan Restaurant & Bar (BIJB)

It’s hard to believe, but sometimes our dear Sensei needs time apart from his favourite ladies. This usually happens every… Continue reading »


Sinclair in Hotel Le St-Sulpice

Though The Divas’ nights are usually filled with food, drink and bad decisions in excess, sometimes, we like to change… Continue reading »