Uniburger boasts that they are THE Montreal burger but what makes them different from every other casse-croûte in the city? Everyone raves about them because they ground their 100% AAA Canadian meat daily. Even their patties look misshapen and homemade, their imperfections being their appeal. You can order a single or double burger or cheeseburger, their specialty being the uniburger with lettuce, tomatoes and Uniburger sauce.

“Uniburger: Simple” Trio 8.99$ Burger 4.49$ + “Bacon” 1.49$

“Uniburger: Simple” Trio 8.99$ Burger 4.49$ + “Bacon” 1.49$

You can add a variety of toppings like pickles, and bacon (which we always add) and their fried onions are a nice touch too. We opted for the simple Uniburger burger (1 patty), talk about a tongue twister, but we’re considering trying the double next time! Their French fries are cut in house and cooked in peanut oil, they definitely feel less heavy than when they’re cooked in lard like at most casse-croûtes in Montreal.

“Lait Frappé: Chocolat” 4.49$

“Lait Frappé: Chocolat” 4.49$

Also known for their milkshakes, we tried their chocolate shake that we found a little pricey for a simple milkshake. At least Uniburger keeps it all in the Montreal family, and uses Bilboquet ice cream in their milkshakes. I guess we can accept the pricey shake since we love it when Montreal businesses support each other.

“Uniburger: Simple” Trio 8.99$ Burger 4.49$ + “Bacon” 1.49$

“Uniburger: Simple” Trio 8.99$ Burger 4.49$ + “Bacon” 1.49$

Uniburger has two locations on Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges and Ontario East, the latter is where we always end up eating. Perhaps the hype surrounding Uniburger made our expectations soar, so though Uniburger was delicious, we were confused as to why it’s considered THE best. But we’ll try them again and let you know!


Our Rating: As Expected

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  1. Joe May 16, 2016 at 10:33 am Reply

    Uniburger IMO is definitely the best fast food burger in MTL for that price range, it ranks up there with Shake Shack in NYC. Uniburger actually uses the same delicious buns (Martin’s Potato Rolls which are shipped in from the US as they can’t be found in Montreal).

    Let me know what you ladies think is a better burger in that price range.


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