Terra Perma Cabane Urbaine

This urban sugar shack is so much more than your typical cabane à sucre experience. Terra Perma is a farming collective whose mandate is to preserve their land’s natural habitat and promote sustainable development. Until April 30th, thanks to their partner Quartier du Canal, Terra Perma will be open on weekends in the made over Café Rose-de-Lima, which now looks like a typical sugar shack in the Laurentians!  But no need to go up north – Terra Perma brings the sugar shack to you in St-Henri.

At 30$ for adults, 20$ for kids under 12, and a few extra tapas at 5$ a plate,Terra Perma is offering traditional sugar shack fare but with a few vegetarian and interesting twists.  They emphasize local agriculture, they make their own maple syrup which made in small batches, and has a rich flavour that isn’t too sweet. Their products are cold smoked for a delightful smoky flavour that can’t be beat.

“Super bacon, fumée au bois d’érable et glacé à l’érable” 5$

Their maple smoked bacon was so good that we ordered it twice. The word smoky is often used loosely to describe bacon but “smoky” to Terra Perma, literally means that you taste the smoke in every bite. It was delicious! Couple that with maple syrup and you have a mouth-watering treat, so good that it’s almost dessert. With the bacon came the usual Quebec pea soup that commences all sugar shack meals.

“Potage de la cabane”

This Cabane Urbaine mixes both the traditional sugar shack fare with a few twists. They served fluffy scrambled eggs, with delicious breakfast potatoes that only needed a little salt. Instead of the traditional little breakfast sausages we enjoyed delicious merguez sausage, and more bacon – there can never be enough bacon! The pancakes were the real surprise, they were vegan and made with oatmeal, we have no idea what vegan pancakes are made of but they were surprisingly delicious and if we weren’t so full we would have eaten more.

“Bacon fumé” “Merguez” “Oeufs” “Pommes de Terres”
“Pancakes à l’avoine végane” 5$

Other vegan dishes included fried chicken seitan, which is a meat substitute – so if you have that pesky vegan friend that you want to bring along, this is the sugar shack for you! The seitan chicken and pickled eggplants, grown on Terra Perma’s farm of course, were an additional 5$, the pickled eggplants were full of flavour and delicious with the crusty bread and butter that was on the table. Terra Perma’s pop up cabane urbaine is the perfect mix of classic and modern with their vegan touches.

“Caviar d’érable sur blini et crème fraiche” 5$

Another tapas that we tried was the maple caviar on a thin as paper blini pancake with a drizzle of crème fraiche. But the caviar was not fish roe, but beads of maple that added sweetness to the blini and was a nice contrast to the crème fraiche. A smoked gouda was also tantalizing us on the menu, but unfortunately they didn’t have any when we visited, we hope that you get luckier!

“Big Daddy Beans” “Salade de Choux”

Other traditional sugar shack eats included the usual maple baked beans, as sweet and salty as ever, and a light vinegary coleslaw. Their maple syrup made the baked beans delicious, the syrup isn’t too sweet and has a complexity of flavour that you don’t usually taste in commercial maple syrup.

We were too full for dessert, which is a travesty in and of itself. They had a buttery sugar pie and pancakes with more of their fabulous maple syrup. Terra Perma with the help of Quartier du Canal, is bringing a traditional Laurentians sugar shack to St-Henri, in Café Rose-de-Lima. You can even bring that pesky vegetarian friend along, even they can get in on the fun at this pop-up cabane à sucre!







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