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Anabel Bar & Vin Anniversary Event

***Sadly this Restaurant is Closed*** We first tried Anabel Bar & Vin at Oysterfest in 2014, and later on for… Continue reading »

Tuck Shop

Tuck Shop has been on our radar for awhile now, and has been referred to us time and time again… Continue reading »

L’Atelier d’Argentine

The Divas were invited by L’Atelier d’Argentine to come to their restaurant and try out their menu. L’Atelier d’Argentine has… Continue reading »

Brasero Hardi

***Sadly this Restaurant is Closed*** Happy Birthday Diva #2!!!! Sadly Diva #1 was out of town for her partner in… Continue reading »

La Bêtise

Diva #1 likes to think of her birthday as more of a birth week. When Zeus told the Divas that… Continue reading »

Le Bremner

On several occasions, the Divas have tried to dine at Le Bremner, Chuck Hughes’ second Montreal restaurant.  However, for various… Continue reading »

Maison Publique I

Hold on to your bobbysocks!  British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and Montreal celebrity chef Derek Dammann (formerly of DNA) have… Continue reading »