The Original St-Viateur Bagel

Since 1957 St-Viateur Bagel has been a part of Montreal foodie history. Montreal has a serious foodie culture and it’s known for its smoked meat, poutine, cabane à sucres, Montreal steak spice, and, of course, its bagels. Now owned by the Morena family, the original St-Viateur Bagel, on St-Viateur, is still open 24 hours / 7 days a week.

St-Viateur Bagel Shop, Montreal Restaurant & Bakery - 1967 BagelYou can choose amongst sesame, seedless, cinnamon raisin, all dressed, whole wheat, flax seed, 9 grains, and rosemary bagels. We’re somewhat old fashioned and we always stick to the sesame bagels, they look absolutely gorgeous coming out of the oven. Yes we consider food gorgeous – we take eating seriously! Although we frequent the original St-Viateur Bagel shop, they also have another bakery down the street and one in Marché Esposito in Ville St-Laurent and at Marché Esposito on St-Michel. There is also the St-Viateur Bagel & Café on Mont Royal, on Monkland and in DDO. You can tell that St-Viateur bagel is a classic that’s trending 😉

“Sesame” Unité 0.80$ ½ Douz 4.50$ Douz 8.15$

“Sesame” Unité 0.80$ ½ Douz 4.50$ Douz 8.15$

Besides showing up at St-Viateur Bagel at all hours of the night, we have also enjoyed the smoked meat bagel sandwich at their food truck. Smoked meat on a bagel is a true Montreal treat! Check out our review of their food truck HERE.

“Grizzly” 5.30$

“Grizzly” 5.30$

When we show up at St-Viateur Bagel it is usually after 3 am when the bars close and we are feeling peckish. Often boozy, always tired, we always order the sesame bagels with Philadelphia cream cheese and smoked salmon. They have different types of smoked salmon, salmon gravlax, and even arctic char, and we like to experiment and try different variations every time. Diva #1 and the Sun God were once so intoxicated that they used Diva #1’s house keys to cut the bagels and lather them in cream cheese while Peaches vomited her body weight in the corner. Some people just can’t hold their liquor!

St-Viateur Bagel Shop, Montreal Restaurant & Bakery - Bagel

“Sesame” Unité 0.80$ ½ Douz 4.50$ Douz 8.15$

Our love of St-Viateur Bagel knows no bounds! In 2013, we were on the Food Network’s Eat St. where we were filmed at the St-Viateur Bagel food truck getting down and dirty with their bagel sandwiches. Even Senior Diva and Sweet Pea made cameo appearances. If you want to watch the episode that we were in go HERE.

St-Viateur Bagel Shop, Montreal Restaurant & Bakery - Bagel & Smoked SalmonThe St-Viateur Bagel shop even has a little nook with a table where you can stop and add cream cheese to your bagel, and, of course, smoked salmon. The people who work there have rarely seen us sober as we tend to show up way past the witching hour for a snack. We’re often giggling, sharing stories and having a great time! Of course you can also just show up and take your bagels to enjoy at home but we love the whole experience of this Montreal institution.

St-Viateur Bagel Shop, Montreal Restaurant & Bakery - Bagel PrepAnd if you are a true Montrealer, you know of the long standing feud between Fairmount Bagel and St-Viateur Bagel, but our hearts belong to St-Viateur Bagel. Always fresh out of the oven, the guys working in the shop are always joking around and in general the atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant. The outer bagel crust is always crispy and full of sesame seeds, the interior soft, and the experience superior to Fairmount Bagel. Are our allegiances clear enough?

St-Viateur Bagel Shop, Montreal Restaurant & Bakery - FlourSt-Viateur Bagel is actually open all night – this is a requirement in the nocturnal Diva world! And a bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon is so much more satisfying than greasy food. They only take cash but they have an ATM machine, and it’s always a fun experience. But don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourselves; they make some serious Montreal bagels.


Our Rating: Always on Thursdays
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