Jeudis en Vue 5 à 7 at Six Resto Lounge in the Hyatt Regency Hotel

Summer in Montreal is synonymous with terrasses and our beautiful city has plenty to choose from. But better than terrasses are rooftop terrasses overlooking Montreal. What better way to spend a 5 à 7 as the sun sets? Unbeknownst to the Divas, there was one gem of a terrasse that we didn’t know about … until now!

The lovely gentlemen at extended an invitation to the Divas to attend the launch of Six Resto Lounge’s Thursdays 5 à 7 located on their 6th floor terrasse of the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Usually reserved for guests of the hotel and patrons of the restaurant, it is now open to the public, particularly for their Jeudis en Vue.

Six Resto Lounge, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Montreal - View of Quartier des Spectacles - Copy Located on Jeanne-Mance in the heart of le Quartier des Spectacles, the terrasse offers the best view over Place des Arts in the center of the Quartier des Spectacles. The kickoff party was to promote the new 5 à 7 to be held every Thursday throughout the summer. The Divas were there for the opening Thursday and we are ready to return with friends.

We arrived, received our drink tickets since we were invited guests and quickly spotted some friends, including our beloved Day Jobs and Night Life and his Plus One, who were already making good use of their drink tickets. How can we not love them?!

Six Resto Lounge, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Montreal - Terrace - Copy We also spotted Rambo who is interning as a photographer and was there to chronicle the event. We did our best to limit the references to eating her plump pet rabbit and instead we stuck to gossip. Particularly about Sweet Pea and the Haitian immigrant that she thinks she isn’t dating but everyone else knows otherwise…but that’s another story for another time. We saw the gentlemen who graciously took us on a quick tour of the terrasse which extends all around to a quiet garden with a fountain, but more importantly, A POOL. Those of us who have suffered since the closing of Hotel de la Montagne with their fabulous rooftop pool need to fret no more, the Hyatt Regency Hotel has a pool that is half covered from the elements and perfect for sunbathers and mermaids alike.Six Resto Lounge, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Montreal - Pool & Garden - CopyOf course we started with drinks, a refreshing mojito with lime, orange and mint. The perfect summer drink! There was also plenty of food, including a few items we never got around to sampling, such as some chicken straight off the BBQ. They even have chocolate ice cream and mango sorbet, we didn’t get around to getting our own but we stole a few bites from Rambo, it was very refreshing.

Six Resto Lounge, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Montreal - Tartare & Veggies with Dip - Copy We started with the salmon tartare which was extremely fresh and had a burst of citrus, which complimented our mojitos, as well as a little salt from the capers. Chopped very finely, it was seasoned just enough to still let the salmon’s flavour shine through. The salmon tartare was very popular as it kept being refilled throughout the evening. Other amuse bouche included little plastic containers of veggies in dip, simple to grab and eat while roaming around the terrasse with little mess. It is hard to eat and walk around but thankfully their terrasse had plenty of seating for people to sit and enjoy the food.

Six Resto Lounge, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Montreal - Oysters & Octopus Salad - Copy There were also plenty of oysters with different toppings, including caviar, lime and caramelized onions. You can never go wrong with oysters! We saw people going by with their plates piled high with oysters, the toppings were unique and though they were not as meaty and salty as we like our oysters, we enjoyed them nonetheless on this hot sunny day.

Another delicious snack was the octopus and artichoke salad. Served cold, the octopus was tender and there was plenty of artichoke hearts, sweet cherry tomatoes and lots of fresh herbs. The salad was light and refreshing. The perfect summer salad.

Six Resto Lounge, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Montreal - Terrasse - Copy While we kept hearing about the fantastic ice cream, Rambo told us to skip it and go straight for the flambéed pineapple with a maple mousse. We’re glad that we listened. The pineapple was intensely sweet and the maple mousse was the perfect coupling. Sadly we were too excited and didn’t have a chance to snag a picture.

We stayed a little longer, chatted with Rambo and the gentlemen and left feeling eager to return with friends. We were introduced to a hidden gem in the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Six Resto Lounge’s terrace is a sort of getaway but right in the middle of the city. The food was great, the music fun, we even caught ourselves singing along to a few tunes, and the cocktails very refreshing. All of this coupled with an amazing view inspires us to return with our bikinis. So long Hotel de la Montagne, you were missed but now we have replaced you. You can be sure the Divas and company will be back on Thursdays for their 5 à 7 this summer!

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  1. Linda June 2, 2014 at 11:33 am Reply

    Here’s a cocktail recipe for you gin lovin’ ladies!


    1/2 fl. oz. (1 Tbs.) fresh lime juice
    1-1/2 fl. oz. (3 Tbs.) gin
    1/2 fl. oz. (1 Tbs.) limoncello, preferably Averna Limoni di Sicilia

    *Repeat as often as necessary 😉

    • Food Divas June 2, 2014 at 11:57 am Reply

      Absolutely love it!!!! Sounds like the perfect summer cocktail

  2. Dahlia June 2, 2014 at 12:59 pm Reply

    This looks great! We needed a new rooftop terrace 🙂

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