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After spending the day outside, taking in the sun, Diva #2 and G-Spot were getting a little hungry. Or rather, Diva #2 was hungry and made G-Spot change her dinner date plans. But it was also the perfect opportunity to meet G-Spot’s new beau and torture him a bit!

Satay Brother, Montreal RestaurantWe headed to the brick and mortar of Satay Brothers on Notre-Dame Ouest. Their original  location in the Atwater market which is open during the summer months but we chose the Saint-Henri location. Satay Brothers serves authentic South Asian cuisine and more importantly, when dining with someone with self-inflicted dietary restrictions, vegetarian options.

“Pimms” 9.99$ “Ginger Beer” 2.99

“Pimms” 9.99$
“Ginger Beer” 2.99

The ginger beer is potent and take it from us, don’t take a big sniff of it or your eyes will tear up in no time! The beer is robust but addictive, with that little bit of fizz. The Pimms cup had a bit of a twist as they added mandarins to the drink to up the citrus flavour. Both drinks were very refreshing!

“Green papaya shaved, fresh, crunchy and spicy” 6.99$

“Green papaya shaved, fresh, crunchy and spicy” 6.99$

The green papaya salad is common in south Asian cuisine and the salad at Satay Brothers is tops! Piled high in the middle of an ornate red dish, the salad was extremely fresh and very crunchy. The peanuts that surrounded the salad added more crunch but did not overpower the taste of the papaya, nor did the fish sauce. And Diva #2 had a little victory as G-Spot, a full-on vegetarian, heaven help us, dug into the salad, fish sauce and all. We’ll break her slowly, we’ve effortlessly done it before, we can do it again 😉

“Steam bun with belly pork or marinated tofu” 4.99$/8.99$ (2)

“Steam bun with belly pork or marinated tofu” 4.99$/8.99$ (2)

The steam buns are a must and you can order one or two per order. Made with a thick slice of tender pork belly, each bite was better than the last and as G-Spot’s beau put it, it left a nice mouth feel! The bun itself had a nice texture and was very light, it was dressed simply with crisp, fresh cucumber coins, cilantro and a faint drizzle of hoisin sauce. Perfect!

“Veggies in a bowl with satay sauce” 8.99$ (with pork 10.99$)

“Veggies in a bowl with satay sauce” 8.99$ (with pork 10.99$)

When you dine with vegetarians, you’re going to order things you normally wouldn’t gravitate towards. The veggie bowl with satay sauce is one of those things but we’ll admit it was satisfying, filled with potatoes, a hard boiled egg, crisp green beans, bean sprouts and lettuce. Satay Brothers made vegetarian fun!

“Seafood wok noodle with shrimp and cuttlefish” 11.99$

“Seafood wok noodle with shrimp and cuttlefish” 11.99$

The seafood wok with shrimp and cuttlefish was delicious and spicy! Filled with plenty of shrimp and cuttlefish, the seafood and noodles were cooked perfectly. The diced tomatoes, bean sprouts and scallions balanced everything, and the scrambled egg added another dimension of flavour. A squeeze of lime was all that was needed to balance the spices before the dish was empty!

The evening was calm until a table of guys started singing “I wanna go home” as they were leaving the restaurant, we were quick to support them and applaud. We love making new friends! Satay Brothers helps you make friends because they have communal tables with a lazy Susan in the middle of each one.   At one point we unknowingly spun the lazy Susan and found our cocktails on the other side of the table!

“Sticky rice with coconut and pandan” 3.99$ “Tapioca, butter, coconut milk” 3.99

“Sticky rice with coconut and pandan” 3.99$
“Tapioca, butter, coconut milk” 3.99

The desserts are worth saving room for. Not overly sweet, the sticky rice and tapioca do take care of that sweet tooth craving and taste homemade, like a nice Asian mom made them!

Obviously we loved Satay Brothers because before we could post our review we returned! This time we tried the satay sticks which are an absolute must. You can order as many as you want or an order of three, which come with a chunky peanut sauce. The meat is grilled to perfection and juicy!

“Marinated meat stick” 2.75$ / 6.99$ (3)

“Marinated meat stick” 2.75$ / 6.99$ (3)

The prawn fritters were a special of the night and they were described to us as prawn timbits. Served with a ginger-soy dipping sauce that had a little bite to it, the fritters were golden and crispy on the outside, yet still light on the inside, with just enough salt to keep you licking your lips.

“Prawn Fritters” 5.99$ (Special of the night)

Special of the Night: “Prawn Fritters” 5.99$

We always have good times at Satay Brothers! The service is extremely friendly and professional, and the vibe is relaxed, fun and lively at the same time. Keep in mind that they currently do not take reservations but trust us when we tell you that even if you have to wait to be seated, it is well worth it. We know that we’ll be back soon!


Our Rating: Always on Thursdays
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