Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Just when you think to yourself that you’ve been to Florida so many times, and you’ve seen everything that it has to offer, a surprise lands on your lap! Aunty’s condo, the Sapphire Condominium, is affiliated with the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa, down the road from her condo right on a private portion of Fort Lauderdale beach. That means that we can use the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa’s amenities as well as a discount for the resort and spa’s facilities.


Diva #1 is a simple gal who loves the beach, she doesn’t need much else other than a hot summer day, the beach, some cocktails and a good book. Needless to say that she did not realize that the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa was a lavish oasis – luxurious, pristine and full of surprises! It made an ordinary day in Fort Lauderdale that much more enticing!


The beach is private, with lounging chairs, daybeds, huts and even an outdoor bar to ensure that you have the same amenities as you do by the pool. They offer you towels, there is water sport rental equipment and they make you feel like you’re in a Caribbean wonderland. It may be because we were there in mid September but the beach was completely empty, we felt like we were on our own private beach, and the hours raced by, pure paradise and bliss!


The pool area was gorgeous, palm trees absolutely everywhere, fresh lemon and orange water available at every corner and you could call for “room service” while you’re lounging outside. You can choose between outdoor beds and sun chairs, all comfortable and relaxing. If you’re not staying at the associated hotel there are day passes, and you can choose to use the facilities or book the spa. And what a spa it offers, we walked through the spa and couldn’t believe how regal it was.


The pool is connected to a manmade lagoon that is gorgeous, the sound of the waterfall clear and crisp throughout the pool area. If the massive pool area isn’t for you, there is a private smaller pool area for adults-only near the spa. Although there were very few people in the lagoon pool area we went to the smaller spa pool for even more privacy. There we were shown how we can use a communal phone to call for food and cocktails.


We ordered guacamole, salsa and a pulled pork sandwich, you would think that they would be mediocre at best but everything was very delicious and upscale. The chips were delicious and crispy, these weren’t Tostitos. Where are the pictures of the food? We were too excited and hungry so we ate everything too quickly. By that point in our day we had also had 1 or 2 Pina Colada cocktails too many, so we were a little giggly and silly. We were on vacation after all!


Can we talk up this resort any more? With tennis and basketball courts, a gym, quarter mile private beach, multiple restaurants, conference rooms, limo/car service, and other amenities, we really felt like we had slipped into a Caribbean paradise. They even offer a water taxi service to explore the bustling Las Olas boulevard, if you can pull yourself off the daybeds of course!


We found a rather large racoon under a lounge chair napping and a long lizard by the lagoon, it really was rather empty in mid September so the animals were roaming in. Not that we minded, nothing could ruin our day!


Our Review: Always on Thursdays
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