Maggie Oakes in Hotel William Gray

There’s a new kid on the block in Old Montreal, though new, this gem sprouted from a veteran team already very familiar with the area.  Welcome to Hotel William Gray and its fabulous restaurant Maggie Oakes.

Maggie Oakes, Hotel William Gray, Old Montreal Restaurant - GreenHotel William Gray isn’t just home of Maggie Oakes restaurant, but a gorgeous rooftop terrace overlooking Old Montreal, and even an old favourite, Café Olimpico that is no longer just available in the Mile End. You can now grab your favourite espresso or cappuccino on the ground floor of Hotel William Gray. You’ll even see some of the familiar faces that you’re used to from their original café in the Mile End.

Café Olimpico

Café Olimpico

Located on the pedestrian heavy walkway of Place Jacques-Cartier, Maggie Oakes is a visually beautiful space.   A glass enclosed wine cellar, and aged steaks behind glass are just some of the spots that your eyes are drawn to as you enter the restaurant. It’s a sexy restaurant in a bustling part of town and we were happy to be there for the official opening event!

Maggie Oakes, Hotel William Gray, Old Montreal Restaurant - OystersThere were a few stations to try, and, naturally, our first stop was their raw bar.  A large display of freshly shucked oysters were ready to be devoured and who are we to argue?!  Dressed with either lemon, a traditional red wine vinegar mignonette, tabasco or a cocktail sauce, we had our fair share!  They were also serving crab but we were too busy eating the salty and meaty oysters to get to the crab.

Maggie Oakes, Hotel William Gray, Old Montreal Restaurant - charcuterie 2They also had a vegetable bar presenting fresh, seasonal vegetables that the restaurant works with.  We tried a carrot tartare which was made up of thinly grated carrot mixed with a refreshing dressing.  We also tried the cucumber slices topped with a tomato salsa.

Maggie Oakes, Hotel William Gray, Old Montreal Restaurant - steakSuffice to say, after all these raw vegetables it was time to have some meat!  Maggie Oakes dry ages its own cuts of meats which are displayed in their glass case.  Cooked over an open grill out on the terrasse, and served with either a chimichurri sauce or red wine sauce, the meat was tender and bursting with flavour.

Maggie Oakes, Hotel William Gray, Old Montreal Restaurant - Charcuterie

Charcuterie and cheese

The charcuterie and cheese display was the most popular, but the line-up was worth waiting for the house-cured charcuterie which included prosciutto, salami, capicola and more.  There were also a variety of cheeses and accoutrements like olives, grapes, nuts and fruits.  There was mountains of sliced olive bread, regular bread and various crackers to keep you happy all night long, and happy they made us!

Lemon meringue pies

Lemon meringue pies

You can’t leave without dessert and at Maggie Oakes, mini ice cream sandwiches, cookies and lemon meringues were being passed around.  Our favourite was the mini lemon meringues, with a crumbly crust, perfectly tart lemon filling, and the meringue wasn’t too sweet, just how we like it! Chef Derek Bocking, now of Maggie Oakes, once participated on Top Chef, takes simple, fresh ingredients and transforms them into great dishes!

Hotel William Gray Rooftop Terrace

Hotel William Gray Rooftop Terrace

There’s no better way to end your night than with cocktails on a rooftop terrace and at Hotel William Gray, not only are you treated to delicious cocktails and bites but also one of the best views in the city. When you’re done your dinner at Maggie Oakes don’t end your night there, we had a fabulous girls night on the rooftop terrace of Hotel William Gray.

Hotel William Gray, Rooftop Old Montreal Bar - Bloody Caesar CocktailThe staff was attentive, they even ensured that we received a few dozen oysters, even though the upstairs kitchen was closing. The Bloody Caesar was actually spicy, their signature cocktails had a kick and we were soon ordering rounds of shots for a girls’ night that was supposed to be low key but ended up with tons of shots and drinking with the very good looking waiters.

Hotel William Gray, Rooftop Old Montreal Bar - OystersWe can’t wait to go back to Maggie Oakes for a sit down dinner because we only had a small taste with the canapé that we got to try. With Café Olimpico on the ground floor of Hotel William Gray and a fabulous rooftop terrace, this hotel is going to quickly become a one stop shop in Old Montreal. Enjoy a fabulous dinner, grab a coffee downstairs and head upstairs for drinks. That’s our kind of night!

Café Olimpico

Café Olimpico

Maggie Oakes has a curbside terrace in perfect view with Montreal artists selling their wares, as well as street performers and the usual Montreal hustle and bustle. Café Olimpico is tucked in on the side of the hotel and the rooftop terrace majestically shows you all of Old Montreal. Don’t take our word for it, check out Hotel William Gray and everything it has to offer, and let us know if you agree 😉

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