Le Burger Week 2017

Montreal’s 6th annual Le Burger Week is taking place between September 1st through 7th. Beginning in 2012, Le Burger Week started in Montreal and this little burger lovin’ week now involves six Canadian provinces, three countries and 400 restaurants. We love it when things originate in Montreal! As most of you already know, each restaurant creates a unique burger reflective of their cuisine, at a special price.

So try all the burgers (or as many as you can) and vote on LeBurgerWeek.com. At the end of the fabulous week, winners in varied categories will be announced. Le Burger Week also has undercover burger eaters all over the country to help determine the “Judge’s Choice” burger award.

We’re eager to try Le Bird Bar’s burger, they’re whipping up a nacho crusted chicken burger with smoked bacon, and garlic salami topped with pico di gallo, guacamole and a smoky chipotle sauce. We love Le Bird Bar, we’re sure that their burger will be fab too!

Let’s chat a little more about Le Burger Week, you can now experience Le Burger Week in your home! Visit LeBurgerWeek.com and select the Just Eat restaurant of your choice. And don’t forget to look out for special promo codes, free burgers and fun perks on Le Burger Week’s social media channels!

If you’re in Old Montreal, and you’re in the mood for a burger in a trendy bar atmosphere check out Rosewood. Their Le Burger Week burger is an 8 oz pork patty, with tropical seasoning, an onion ring stuffed with guacamole, pineapple jalapeno apple butter, smoked cheddar and teriyaki sauce. Sounds delish!

It isn’t enough that Le Burger Week restaurants create wonderful burgers, but they must stay true to their cuisine too. Then it comes to no surprise that Imadake, a Japanese izakaya, has created a panko breaded shrimp and calamari burger with avocado jalapeno cream.

And if all this fabulous burger week news wasn’t enough, Le Burger Week has partnered with Budweiser to present ‘Bud and Burgers.” Different restaurants across Canada will offer their participating burger and a Budweiser for a special price!

You have until September 7th to take advantage of Le Burger Week, and if you’re feeling loving to your friends there is the “Buy A Friend a Burger” initiative where you can go online and you guessed it… you can buy your friend a burger!






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