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This summer has been the summer of ice cream parlours in Montreal, whether they only recently opened or have simply just gained in popularity – Montrealers have abandoned Dairy Queen and Baskin n’ Robbins for the independent ice cream parlour with unique flavours. Vincent & Ngoc opened Kem CoBa, an artisanal ice cream shop that specializes in sorbet, ice cream and unique soft serve that change weekly.

Kem CoBa Ice Cream, Montreal - The LineLocated in the Plateau on Fairmount, Kem Coba is known for their long line that curls around the corner onto Clark. Diva #1 and Sweet Pea had been meaning to go all summer but the threat of a long line and their early closing made it so that we never had the time. Open until 9pm on Tuesday to Sunday, rumour has it that they actually stay open until the last customer is served.

And then the infamous KemCoba twitter account was born, @KemCobaLine, this account informs you of how many people are in line multiple times throughout the day. They respond promptly and hilariously, so feel free to tweet at them before trekking to Kem Coba. We love them and their witty humour!

Kem CoBa Ice Cream, Montreal - Sorbet & Soft ServePart of the allure is that Kem CoBa’s ice cream and sorbets change all the time! On our visit they had salted butter ice cream, Indian Chai Tea ice cream, lemon yogurt ice cream, and more. Their sorbets included hibiscus, lime-mint, mango, etc. We opted for a scoop of lemon yogurt ice cream that was fresh and really tasted like yogurt, and a scoop of hibiscus sorbet that was even more refreshing. Of course we had our ice cream on traditional sugar cones!

“Homemade soft serve” 4.22$ “Cone” 0.87$ “Two scoops on a cone” 5$

“Homemade soft serve” 4.22$ “Cone” 0.87$ “Two scoops on a cone” 5$

Although they are also known for their scoops of ice cream and sorbet, Kem CoBa is absolutely famous for their unique soft serve swirl. We adored their 72% chocolate soft served swirled with raspberry – you can choose to have these flavours individually or swirled together, but it’s all about the swirl!

Is it worth the wait in line? Yes! Check out the Kem CoBa twitter account, @KemCobaLine, before heading over but generally the line moves rather quickly. This unique ice cream parlour easily has some of the best ice cream, soft serve and sorbet that Montreal has to offer. Diva #1 and Sweet Pea had a lovely date night where they enjoyed their ice cream on one of the many benches outside of Kem CoBa and later they went on a romantic walk in the Plateau.


Our Rating: Always on Thursdays
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    LOL we are so cute.

  2. Drogheria Fine - Montreal Food Divas October 2, 2017 at 2:36 pm Reply

    […] between famous Fairmount Bagel and Kem Coba for ice cream, any Mile End foodie crawl should include a stop on Fairmount Street for bagels and […]

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