Ê.A.T. at the W Hotel

This week the place to see and be seen was at Ê.A.T. restaurant in the W Hotel. Montreal is truly lacking in fabulous hotel restaurants, something that many big metropolitan cities are known for. But the W Hotel is about to change that with the opening of Ê.A.T. restaurant, a true Montreal restaurant through and through. But why is it so Montreal?

Ê.A.T. at the W Hotel, Montreal Restaurant - BarLet’s not talk about the food just yet, the restaurant is covered in graffiti and eclectic art. It isn’t just a restaurant but an art gallery full of Montreal inspired art like La Ronde theme park, a Montreal Canadien hockey player, etc. The art speaks for itself, murals and paintings are from Montreal artists, installations and sculptures are everywhere. Street art is dominant but there are a few contemporary pieces as well. The walls tell a story, and they’re chaotic like Montreal. The art is curated by MASSIVart, and the waiters are trained to answer all of your questions on the art.

Ê.A.T. at the W Hotel, Montreal Restaurant - ArtÊ.A.T. restaurant is not just focusing on the art, they will be featuring different local DJs, drafting unique tracks from brunch to late night drinks. It’s really all about the Montreal foodie scene and culture. So while you’re eating, at Ê.A.T. restaurant artists may be painting murals around you, to you it’s a restaurant, to them it’s their vernissage. Expect the unexpected.

Ê.A.T. at the W Hotel, Montreal Restaurant - Seafood platterTheir seafood based menu is all about sharing and we love that! Sides and sauces will be rolling around the dining room on carts, which allows certain dishes to be prepared at your table and sauces to be handed out when desired. Some wines are on tap, no need to order bottles if you aren’t so inclined. They truly have thought of everything.

Ê.A.T. at the W Hotel, Montreal Restaurant - shrimpDuring their opening event, hungry guests dug into the fresh seafood towers full of jumbo shrimp, clams, oysters and even lobster. Mussels sat on their half shell with a delicious cream based sauce that enhanced their flavour. Somehow we took pictures amidst tons of grabbing hands, and when we were done we likely ate more seafood out of anyone 😉

Lobster Risotto

Lobster Risotto

There wasn’t a ton of food at this event, actually there was but there were just so many people. But we’re pushy and with our favourite lover from Day Jobs and the Nightlife we nabbed a few treats like their creamy lobster risotto. Not bad for a canapé, it was delicious and it made us crave a return to Ê.A.T. restaurant; we wanted to try everything on their menu.



Macarons were lovely but the panna cotta was a dream. Flavoured with vanilla bean and topped with flakes of gold, candied nuts and sea buckthorn. It was divine! At this point we were running into friends and foe alike, socializing, wandering, chatting and networking. We’re absolutely adorable at events! But enough about us…

Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta

From December to February, artists Alan Ganev, Botkin, Bonar and Labrona will be painting together, or solo, all around Ê.A.T. restaurant. If you’re ever so inclined, their schedule is as follows:

  • December 2: Ganev, Bonar, Labrona
  • December 3: Ganev
  • December 10: Bonar, Labrona
  • December 17: Ganev, Labrona
  • December 18: Botkin, Labrona
  • January 8: Ganev, Bonar
  • January 12: Botkin
  • January 21: Botkin, Bonar
  • February 4: Botkin, Bonar
  • February 19: Ganev, Botkin
Photo Credit: Ê.A.T. restaurant, W Hotel

Photo Credit: Ê.A.T. restaurant, W Hotel

Alright W Hotel, you got us excited, and lately with so many restaurant openings and menu revamping parties, we kinda feel like we’ve seen it all. But Ê.A.T. restaurant seems really different, it isn’t just about the food, but we are, and the food was absolutely delicious. We’re eager to return and try the rest of the menu, and see a revival of the W’s lustre of yesteryears.


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