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After a fabulous birthday weekend of eating and drinking to excess, the Divas were finally in recovery mode on a sunny Sunday afternoon.  We wanted to reward ourselves because we felt like we somehow managed to be adults in the midst of all the partying, no one had thrown up the next day, Diva #1’s apartment was still standing, the ant situation was under control, etc.  See Sensei, we are adults! Our only hump during the long weekend was that we both forgot to feed our office fish before the long weekend – but we’re happy to say that Penelope Psari II survived 4 days without food! A new record for her… PETA is coming for us…and not because Vegan Vixen sent them.

Dépanneur Le Pick-Up, Montreal - OutsideSunday rolled around and we had finished all of our errands and were ready to celebrate Hangover Sunday, even though we weren’t hungover, but we do support the cause because we often take part in the tradition. Hangover Sundays are usually spent in groups of three or more, in our case they are spent in Diva #1’s apartment, sometimes we are nauseous or throwing up from an excessive alcohol intake, other times we are sipping Gatorade and exhausted, lying around and chatting. Other times we get motivated and make a big breakfast and discuss the previous night’s events.  Either way it is fun and there are always new people sleeping over and sharing war stories in the morning!

Dépanneur Le Pick-Up, Montreal - Lunch CounterWe wanted something fun and summery to match the gorgeous weather and our pleasant moods.  We had heard a lot about Dépanneur Le Pick Up, both online and from friends.  Our curiosity was piqued and off we went.  We do have to confess though, we had trouble finding place, actually we got lost, as we often do, but we finally arrived at the small, quaint dépanneur on the corner of Waverly in Saint-Edouard. Our quest was worth it!

Dépanneur Le Pick-Up, Montreal - InsideDépanneur Le Pick Up is a typical local corner dépanneur except this one has an old school lunch counter with bar stools and a flat top grill serving as the kitchen.  It’s cash only, so naturally there’s an ATM machine in the back. There’s a picnic table inside the restaurant / dép and tables set up outside as well.  Along with the usual fare you find at your local dép, they also sell homemade jams, pickled vegetables, bags of ground coffee and more. We were very excited and we texted one of the Foodie Guys to know what he would recommend.The most helpful of the Foodie Guys suggested three things to try; we got excited and placed our order for all three of his suggestions, and claimed a table outside in the sun.

Dépanneur Le Pick-Up, Montreal - Monster Energy DrinkDiva #1 needed a Monster Energy drink, she used to be addicted to these bad boys in the early 2000s and every now and then she relapses and buys one when she is particularly tired from partying. While waiting for our food, Diva #1 ran into an old friend from high school and we laughed at how we always manage to know people everywhere, even in this back street Dép, seemingly out of the way. We also made a new friend!  A dog ran up to our table and settled down at our feet.  We chatted with the owner like we were neighbours, gave Byron the dog a good scratch because according to his owner he hates males, to which Diva #1 replied “everyone prefers women” and they were on their way once our food arrived. Not that we are lesbians…not that there is anything wrong with that. We were just in a bitter mindset about men that weekend *cough cough* that month…

“Grilled Haloumi” 6.25$

“Grilled Haloumi” 6.25$

Our food arrived and we realized that we had ordered too much, come on, we had ordered three sandwiches and one them was a club! But sometimes we can’t help ourselves, we fear a famine!  We started with the grilled haloumi.  Served with mint coleslaw, the cheese was slightly melted, and you could taste the subtle char marks from the grill. It was very fresh, light and delicious; it definitely made us happy.

“Club Chipotle” 7.50$

“Club Chipotle” 7.50$

The next sandwich was the Chipotle club. Dressed with the traditional bacon, lettuce and tomato, it also had a subtle kick from the chipotle mayo with some extra on the side for dipping. This was a smokey sandwich, the bread wasn’t greasy, the chicken was tender and moist, and the bacon was cooked perfectly to satisfy those who love a little bit of crunch, and those who don’t. We only ate half of it because we were so full and we still had our third sandwich to eat.

While trying to figure out how we were going to finish all our food, the helpful  Foodie Guy texted us that he was around the corner at the Jean Talon market and was coming by for a visit.  He gladly helped us finish our food, provided us with some gossip, and we stayed outside in the sun chatting, laughing and joking.  Sometimes there is no better way to spend a sunny Sunday!

“Pulled Pork” 7.50$

“Pulled Pork” 7.50$

The pulled pork would have been enough to order on its own.  Served on a bakery style bun, the pork was very tender, moist and packed with flavour.  It was topped with cool coleslaw and hot banana peppers for a little bit of heat, which we loved.  The BBQ sauce was a bit tangy but that didn’t take away from any of the other flavours.  It may have been a bit messy but we didn’t care, it was too good for us to be concerned with manners! This was our favourite of the three sandwiches that we tried.

Dépanneur Le Pick Up also serves burgers, salads, soups, and has both brunch and dinner specials.  It’s a great little hidden secret behind Little Italy that everyone should try at least once!  The food is great, the staff friendly and the prices are hard to beat.  Trust us, you’ll be planning a return trip for lunch before you know it.  We already are!

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Our Rating: Splendid

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  1. Sensei June 11, 2014 at 12:32 pm Reply

    Adults???? Ha

  2. Dahlia June 13, 2014 at 11:36 am Reply

    Sounds delicious! Glad this Hangover Sunday was spent more productively 😉

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