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Chez Benny Express is a kosher restaurant in Ville St-Laurent that is known for its pita and laffa sandwiches that are packed full of ingredients. It is the little sister restaurant of Chez Benny, the more formal sit-down restaurant of the two, on Queen Mary in Montreal. Ville St-Laurent has a large Jewish community and Chez Benny Express is a popular go-to spot. The Divas work in Ville St-Laurent and like to eat at Chez Benny Express when they are craving a delicious falafel sandwich.

Chez Benny Express, Montreal Kosher Restaurant - Condiments & SaladsWhen we say we love food, we love all different types of food and we love trying new places. Montreal is a mish-mash of different cultures and our restaurants demonstrate that. Chez Benny Express has some of the freshest salads to stuff into your sandwich or to eat on the side. Pickled cucumber, carrots and a chickpea salad are amongst the delicious options at Chez Benny Express.

Chez Benny Express, Montreal Kosher Restaurant - Shish Taouk ChickenChez Benny Express has a ton of meaty kosher options. In a pita, baguette or laffa bread you can have shawarma, shish taouk, kefta, merguez sausage and other Middle Eastern meats. Other interesting options include a shawarma poutine, vegetarian sandwich, hamburger, club sandwich or steak sandwich. It is traditionally a Middle Eastern sandwich lunch spot with many Canadianized options.

Chez Benny Express, Montreal Kosher Restaurant - FalafelOur favourite sandwich at Chez Benny Express is the falafel laffa, a beast of a sandwich. Laffa is a Hebraic flatbread that is very thick and bready. This sandwich is absolutely delicious but it is massive, with 10 falafels in one sandwich. We were a bit ambitious when we ordered this but we just love the laffa bread! Their falafels are absolutely delicious, deep fried ground chickpeas filled with spices, this is easily one of our favourite Middle Eastern dishes.

“Falafel: Laffa” 10.29$

“Falafel: Laffa” 10.29$

The Falafel pita is the smaller version of the falafel laffa. Same delicious falafel with the same delicious tahini based sauce. We like to stuff our falafel sandwich with hummus, their vinegary tomato-cucumber salad, red onions and their red cabbage coleslaw. It makes for a delicious sandwich, very fresh and perfect for the summer!  We also like to add in a little spice with one of their spreads.

“Falafel: Pita” 6.25$

“Falafel: Pita” 6.25$

The falafael pita or laffa is actually vegan… we’re serious! Even we were impressed with ourselves! We don’t mind vegan or vegetarian cuisine if it does not sacrifice taste. We are all about food and flavour. We usually order the curly fries on the side, but this time we opted for regular French fries and bready onions rings. The curly fries remain our favourite!

“Rondelles d’Oignons” 4.50$ “Frites” 3.45$

“Rondelles d’Oignons” 4.50$
“Frites” 3.45$

Chez Benny Express has outdoor seating, facing a nice park in Ville St-Laurent. We know you’re probably apprehensive because kosher food sounds bland, but every time we bring apprehensive friends, they leave impressed. On one particular visit we came with colleagues from work and they went rogue and ignored our falafel recommendation. Instead they tried the grilled chicken brochette pita with a side of fries and they loved it!

“Pita: Brochettes de Poulet” 8.35$

“Pita: Brochettes de Poulet” 8.35$

Our only disclaimer is that in comparison to other Middle Eastern lunch spots it is more expensive because it’s kosher. On the other hand we have not tried tastier falafels, or fresher Middle Eastern salads except at Sumac in the Sud Ouest. But Sumac is far if you’re in the surrounding Ville St-Laurent area. If you’re looking for a tasty lunch spot, look no further than Chez Benny Express, but remember, they are closed on Shabbat!


Our Rating: Splendid
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