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Oh Montreal, how we adore you and your versatility! Boucherie Lawrence is a butcher shop in the Plateau down the road from their restaurant of the same name, who has built quite the reputation for themselves. Earlier this year, we went to Lawrence restaurant for a very British dinner and we fell in love!

Boucherie Lawrence, Montreal Restaurant & ButcherBoucherie Lawrence has many tasty treats, including porchetta, bacon, ribs, pork shoulder, chicken wings and so much more that can be bought by the kg. They offer local and respectfully raised meat, as well as other products from local producers. You can even buy jerk chicken, different terrines and not to mention their individual beef or lamb hamburger patties that are very popular! You can get fun sausages with fennel and other ingredients, aged beef for real meat lovers and even some smoked arctic char.

Boucherie Lawrence, Montreal Butcher & Restaurant - MeatsBeef jerky, the soft sour dough buns that they use to make their sandwiches, and other treats, are sold along the counter. Boucherie Lawrence also sells products from Société-Orignal, a unique food products distributor in Montreal that is also all about local products. Some of these products sold include vinegar, oil, granola, beer, preserves, etc. It’s really a fun place to explore and shop around in even if you don’t need any meat.

Boucherie Lawrence, Montreal Restaurant & Butcher - Société-Orignal productsDiva #1 and Peaches took one of our infamous leisurely Friday lunches and went to Boucherie Lawrence to meet a friend and grab some of their famed sandwiches. Wrapped individually in that typical brown butcher shop paper, so that you could do take-out or eat at the counter which faces St-Laurent Street.

“Porchetta” 8$

“Porchetta” 8$

Reasonably priced for such fresh meat, the porchetta sandwich had layers of thinly sliced pork, a few sour gherkins for added flavour, lettuce and a touch of mayonnaise. The sour dough bun was fresh and soft, there was a generous amount of porchetta, and the gherkins were a nice surprise!

“Saucisse-Choucroute” 8$

“Saucisse-Choucroute” 8$

Though we were disappointed that they had run out of their brisket sandwich, we were happy to try the sausage sandwich, which was our favourite of the three. The sausage had a hint of spice and it was perfectly cooked. This sandwich was also stuffed with vinegary coleslaw which was offset by the hint of mayonnaise for added creaminess. The sausage tasted so delicious and meaty, we adored it!

“Bánh mi” 10$

“Bánh mi” 10$

Bánh mi is the term used to describe types of Vietnamese bread but it is most commonly used to describe a type of Vietnamese sandwich. Pickled cucumber, carrots, daikon and peppers traditionally make up this sandwich with coriander. Stuffed with pork, this traditional Vietnamese sandwich was very refreshing, and the perfect combination with the spicier sausage sandwich. You should get both!

If you aren’t in the mood for a nice dinner at Lawrence restaurant, grab a sandwich from Boucherie Lawrence. Or better yet, buy some meat and cook at home! This little butcher shop and sandwich spot is perfect when you’re in the mood for a quick lunch and you’re roaming around the Plateau.


Our Review: Splendid
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  1. Dahlia June 26, 2015 at 5:29 pm Reply

    Sounds heavenly! The new trend is for high-end restaurants to open market-style shops. Now there’s Boucherie Grinder and Marché Richmond as well!

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