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***Sadly this Restaurant is Closed***

sorry we-re closedThe Divas were invited to Bolo Bolo, a new meatball restaurant and bar in the Plateau. We were rather hesitant about a meatball restaurant; we actually weren’t even sure what a meatball restaurant meant. It seemed gimmicky, and in general, meatballs aren’t really our thing. I mean they are good, but we never really considered eating at a restaurant that is truly all about meatballs. Diva #1 went to the event with Whitey; Bolo Bolo was meant to be a fun stop before going off to cause trouble with friends. The first thing that Diva #1 noticed when she walked in was that the event was overbooked. A well filled media event is one thing, but when you’re waiting 15 minutes at the bar before even being asked your cocktail order…you’re left frustrated.

Bolo Bolo_Meatballs_Montreal_OutsideAccording to their website Meatball Montreal became Bolo Bolo, their tag line is cute, bring your smile not your ego. The concept is simple; Bolo Bolo is a bar that serves meatballs amongst other fun eats for the St-Laurent evening, and especially the late night crowd. They are open as late at 4 am from Thursday to Sunday and are already planning a second location on St-Denis.

Bolo Bolo_Meatballs_Montreal_Bar 2After finally getting her first drink, Diva #1 sighed in relief. Unfortunately the event was so overbooked that it was uncomfortable to stand around as people kept jostling you. Our first drink was the gin, tonic and bergamot, which was delightful, the bergamot adding a refreshing element. We watched the bartenders make different cocktails at the bar as we ordered the meatball Bloody Caesar and waited. And waited. We are still waiting for the meatball Bloody Caesar; we hope that someone else got to enjoy it. Some advice when planning a media event is to ensure that the media is satisfied. If we never got our drinks, we aren’t satisfied. It was evident that Bolo Bolo had many kinks to work through.

“Gin, Tonic & Bergamot” 9$

“Gin, Tonic & Bergamot” 9$

One customer was surprised with the deconstructed negroni. It was gimmicky, why would we want to make our own drink? They advertise wine at SAQ prices + 8$ which will likely excite the masses. As the night wore on and we awaited the canapés we grew antsy and asked if they were coming out soon. Finally a tray of pork meatballs came out and Diva #1 wrestled two people to taste one. It was delicious, but at this point we were so fed up that delicious was not enough. It was a poorly planned media event, but we will remind you that the meatball was delightful. With their 4 am closing time we know that this place will be popular when the bars close and the Main is flooded with those in search of that drunken late-night-snack.

Bolo Bolo_Meatballs_Montreal_Bar 1As Whitey and Diva #1 grumbled about the event, delicious deep fried mac n’ cheese balls went by ever so quickly. Sadly the masses devoured every last ball before we could muscle our way through. As we stormed out, still hungry and with only one cocktail in our bellies, we heard a waiter exclaim “shit the kitchen is running out of food, there’s too many people.” Lovely!

We’re not meatball aficionados but if you are, then Bolo Bolo is the right place for you. Just make sure that you give them at least a month to iron out the kinks before you go in there and expect…you know…a cocktail.

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  1. Dahlia October 17, 2014 at 12:16 pm Reply

    Diva #1 and Whitey left out into the world on a Thursday night and HANGRY to boot? Montreal never saw it coming.

  2. Jamie February 22, 2015 at 10:23 am Reply

    Do you “divas” always whine so much about free food? Were you expecting a high level of service at a free, introductory event? If so, you may wish to re-evaluate this optic for future free, introductory events that you are invited to. I believe your expectations may be too high.

    • Food Divas February 23, 2015 at 11:56 am Reply

      Yes…we were expecting a higher level of service at a free introductory event. We attend many “introductory events” and still experience what you called “a high level of service.” Please see the section of our website labeled “events” and read about the many wonderful events that we have attended. Receiving “free food” doesn’t mean that we have to write nice things about a restaurant… we don’t take bribes.

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