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***Sadly this Bar is Closed***

sorry we-re closedWe’ve been meaning to post an article on Baldwin Barmacie for a while. We love going there for cocktails with friends or even a date. There isn’t a guest list and it’s in a relaxed area of the Plateau. A few weeks ago we even tried a few of their bar snacks but imagine our surprise when last week Montreal Eater posted a sad announcement that Baldwin Barmacie was destined to close after a decade in business. Click HERE for that sad tale. We just aren’t ready…

Baldwin-Barmacie, Montreal BarBut what about us, the faithful clients who just aren’t ready to say goodbye? Almost everyone who we have told that Baldwin Barmacie is closing has been disgruntled by the idea. It’s an institution on Laurier and many fine nights out have ended with cocktails at Baldwin. Particularly their Bloody Dirty Martini, a Diva favourite that crosses a martini with a Bloody Caesar. It’s full of vodka which we replace with gin, and both clamato and olive juice; this salty cocktail is very Diva-esque.

“Bloody Dirty Martini: vodka, clamato & jus d’olive” 10$ “Lionel: gin, vodka, liqueur d’orange lime & prosecco” 10$ “Tom Collins: gin, citrus, sirop & soda” 10$ Dirty Martini

“Bloody Dirty Martini: vodka, clamato & jus d’olive” 10$
“Lionel: gin, vodka, liqueur d’orange lime & prosecco” 10$
“Tom Collins: gin, citrus, sirop & soda” 10$
Dirty Martini

On one particular visit we indulged in some classics like a dirty martini and Tom Collins, and house creations like the Lionel with gin, vodka, an orange liqueur and prosecco. Diva #1 went floating down memory lane during her last visit, reminiscent of the time she found two of the St-Lau boys drunk off of Prosecco on a random Wednesday night, her first (actually her only) date with Goldie, when the Greeks decided to get rowdy and buy bottles, or when she was yelled at for smoking a joint in their courtyard smoker’s area in the back.

“Charcuterie” 11$

“Charcuterie” 11$

On one visit we were craving a snack so we opted for the charcuterie as a nice salty touch with our cocktails. Mild salami and calabrese for a spicy hint was simply served on a plate with gherkins, a dollop of mustard and crostinis. We also ordered the mac n’ cheese but it was a disappointment, and a photographer’s nightmare so we have nothing good to say on that subject.

“Grilled Cheese” 7$

“Grilled Cheese” 7$

And if you know the Divas you know that we’re whores for a dirty good grilled cheese. So we love us a bar that can make us one when we’re getting boozy and need those carbs in our belly. We still can’t believe that Baldwin Barmacie is closing, it’s the home of so many great memories and fun nights. But fret not dear readers, the partners have promised us that they have a new concept in store for us! We just don’t know if it can replace Baldwin Barmacie in our hearts 🙁


Our Rating: Splendid

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  1. Dahlia October 2, 2015 at 2:08 pm Reply

    Poor Goldie, only got one date! I’ll miss Baldwin’s 🙁

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