Lately we’ve been drinking more than we’ve been eating, which is great for our waistline, but not so good for our wallet and liver! We decided to combine our love of food and booze and try Yuukai, a BYOW sushi restaurant in the Mile End within Outremont. We planned the usual girls’ night, with JB attending as the sole male representative, and brought way too much sake and wine for just five people to finish.

“Gyoza: Japanese beef dumplings served with soya vinegar sauce” 7.50$

Yuukai doesn’t only serve sushi but a few Japanese dishes as well. The gyoza were crispy on the outside and packed full of beef. Served with the usual soya vinegar sauce, they were tasty and just as your expected from a Japanese restaurant.

“Sushi Pizza: Fried rice patty served with salmon tartar, smoked salmon, crabstick and tobiko” 13.50$

Sushi pizza has always had a special place in our heart. Not particularly Japanese, sushi pizza is popular in Canada and Northeastern USA, but the story goes that it was invented in Montreal in the early 90s! The sushi pizza at Yuukai was simple, the usual sticky fried rice patty was topped with salmon tartare and smoked salmon, along with crab and tobiko. We would have preferred it with just salmon tartare, and without the smoked salmon that dominated the taste of the sushi pizza.

Special “Ise: Queue de homard, fraise, tempura, patate douce” 17$

Yuukai has the usual classic sushi menu but they had plenty of interesting sushi listed as their specials on a chalkboard menu. The lobster sushi with strawberry, tempura and sweet potato was a mouthful of flavours. The sweet potato complimented the lobster well and the strawberry added a sweetness. There could have been more lobster but either way it was very tasty.

Special “Hokkaido: Pétoncle torchée, avocat, legumes marinés” 13$

We ordered two more maki specials, our favourite being the torched scallop which added an amazing charred smoky taste to the raw, but slightly seared scallop. We loved the flavour of this sushi that was also rolled with avocado and marinated vegetables for something different than your usual maki roll. The smoky flavour was divine!

Special “Unagi: Anguille, crevette, goberge, avocat, tobiko, mangue” 14$

P’tit Soeur was very annoyed that we kept ordering maki rolls with fruit in it. She doesn’t like the sweet addition of the fruit in her sushi. Even she was converted after trying the Unagi special at Yuukai with eel, shrimp, avocado and mango. The hint of mango added freshness to the sushi, and it didn’t overpower the taste of the eel.

“Black cod: Black cod marinated in miso paste, pan seared served with soba noodles and shiitake” 16.50$

When we see black cod on a menu we always get excited. This Japanese method of cooking cod is spectacular, cooked perfectly until flaky, but always buttery on the inside. Marinated in miso paste and seared to perfection, at Yuukai, the black cod is served with soba noodles and shiitake mushrooms which was a great combination.

Maki “Kamikaze: Spicy fish, caviar, cucumber, avocado, tempura” 7.25$
Make “Ebi tempura: Shrimp tempura, caviar, crabstick, cucumber, avocado, caviar” 7.25$
Maki “Arc en Ciel: Tuna, salmon, white fish, shrimp, crabstick, cucumber, avocado, caviar” 10$


And then the maki and nigiri tray arrived, with all the sushi classics like Kamikaze, and Rainbow sushi. Everything was as expected, the fish was fresh, the tempura crispy and the overall sushi experience palatable. Our favourite was the Spicy Scallop; it was very tasty in its simplicity. At this point we were boozy and happy, eating more than we should and enjoying our experience.

Nigiri “Karai Syake: spicy salmon, tempura” 6$ & “Karai Hotate: Spicy scallop” 6.75$
Maki “Samikase: Soya paper, spicy salmon tartare, caviar, fried sweet potato, tempura” 7.75$
Maki “Samurai: Soya paper, spicy tuna tartare, caviar, mango, cucumber, tempura, honey” 8.25$


We were full but the dessert special intrigued us. Fried banana was wrapped like a sushi with Nutella tempura for added decadence. Strawberries, mangos and blueberries were also incorporated into this dessert sushi (sorry P’tit Soeur) but it was tasty and we had no regrets. The Nutella tempura just made it a bit dry or chalky in your mouth, but the flavour was delish!

“Oishii: Banane frite, tempura Nutella, fruits” 10$

Yuukai Sushi was a fun expereince! It’s your classic sushi spot with a few unique items on their specials’ board and the best part, it’s a BYOW, or BYOS (Bring Your Own Sake). Perfect for those who want to combine their love of good food and getting a little boozy. That’s what the Diva life is all about!

Our Review: As Expected

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