Wilensky’s is one of those little Montreal spots that has become an institution in the city. Open since 1932, not much has changed with this popular lunch counter in Montreal’s Mile End. It’s perfect and nostalgic just the way it is!

Fridays at the office are rather dull so we started a tradition of taking an extended lunch and going to a fun spot to grab a bite in the city. The Divas went to Wilensky’s with Peaches and Crazy MC – a new friend from the office. We work near the techno park of Ville St-Laurent and most fun lunch spots are in the Plateau so it’s a trek but we haven’t been fired yet!

Wilenky, Montreal RestaurantWithout a doubt we knew to order the Wilensky Special made up of all beef salami with all beef baloney grilled to perfection on a roll with a hint of mustard. The only advice we have is that you order two – one is not enough! They didn’t become this famous by changing their recipe and this is the original Wilensky sandwich from 1932 – nothing has changed! And don’t bother asking them to not put mustard or cut the sandwich in two… the answer is no! The Wilensky Special comes with the option of adding kraft or swiss cheese, we opted for swiss and it was delicious.

“Wilensky special with swiss cheese” 4.53$

“Wilensky special with swiss cheese” 4.53$

We also ordered Wilensky’s popular open face hot dog, which is served on either a plain top or onion bottom of an onion roll. We ordered the all-beef hot dog on an onion bun with mustard and swiss cheese wrapped around the dog; it was simple and delicious. Of course we ordered one of their sour pickles as a side, but we ate it too quickly to snap a pic. The Divas love their pickles! You can also order a karnatzel on the side, and we’ll be back for that next time.

“Hot dog ‘open face’ with swiss cheese” 2.66$

“Hot dog ‘open face’ with swiss cheese” 2.66$

Wilensky has other sandwiches like their chopped egg sandwich but they are truly known for their Wilensky special. Don’t miss out! They are also known for their old fashioned soda fountain. They make their drinks in house; their cherry cola is said to be the best in the city! Their soda flavours include cream soda, root beer, cola, etc. Wilensky is truly reminiscent of diner style restaurants of yesteryears!

Wilenky, Montreal Restaurant - Counter Diner DeliYou can take your food to go or eat at their inviting lunch counter. Wilensky is cash only and they are open Monday to Saturday until 4pm. It’s a true Montreal lunch spot! The Divas, Peaches and Crazy MC devoured their food outside of Wilensky enjoying a rare spring day in Montreal. Only in this city can you go from -10 to +5 over night! So step into a time machine and go to Wilensky, you won’t regret eating at this Montreal icon.



Our Rating: Splendid
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