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Sometimes we’re healthy and we scare ourselves! But clean eating is easy if it’s delicious. VertU Bar Santé is on St-Viateur street in the Mile End. It isn’t solely vegetarian or vegan restaurant but most of their dishes can be made vegan / vegetarian by the omission of just a few ingredients, and the inclusion of others. VertU Bar Santé is a salad bar with a few tricks up their sleeves, but carnivores fret not, they do serve meat!

We took part in their media event and tried the canapé version of some of their dishes, as well as plenty of their fresh smoothies. We tried at least three of their smoothies, and they were all delicious and refreshing in their own way. It was Chomedey Double D’s birthday, and for once we were being good girls, filling our late afternoon with smoothies, instead of vodka, and healthy snacks, instead of carbs and fried food!

“La Tuna Titanic: Mélange Laitue Signature Vert-U, carottes, tataki de thon issu de pêche durable, fleuret de broccoli, oignon vert, nouilles ramen, croquantes, amande au tamari, oignon rouge, avocat, tomate cerise, vinaigrette Sriracha & lime” 15.00$

One of the little canapé salads that came our way was La Tuna Titanic with tuna tataki, ramen noodles, almonds, avocado and plenty of other veggies. Tossed in a sriracha lime dressing, it was a salad with some kick. The pulled pork burger and the V burger were also being passed around. The V Burger’s patty is made up of chick peas, tempeh, lentils and plenty of spices. Beet and avocado were also components of the V Burger. If you’re vegan, it’s heavenly, if you’re carnivorous, it would be perfection with a slice of bacon!

“V Burger: Burger Végé Vertu, lentilles, pois chiche, épices, tempeh, avocat, tomate, laitue, oignons verts, betterave” 9.00$

VertU Bar Santé also offers burritos or burrito bowls which are a little healthier because they omit the wrap. We tried the El Toro burrito bowl with black beans, brown rice, grilled beef, fresh vegetables, beets, and pickles. Other burritos or burrito bowls that tickled our fancy include one with sweet potato and tuna tataki in a chimichurri sauce, and another with butternut squash, apple and Kalamata olives. VertU Bar Santé also serves acai bowls, soups, chili bowls, and sandwiches.

“El Toro: Haricot noir, riz brun, boeuf grillé, poivrons, tomates, cornichons, oignons, pousses, betterave, iceberg” 13.00$

But the prize was the tuna poke bowl. This Hawaiian delicacy is taking Montreal by storm; poke bowls are not only healthy but highly addictive. The Tuna Poke at VertU Bar Santé included pineapple, edamame beans, soba noodles, and a few veggies in a sesame oil, soy sauce, sweet chilli, lemon dressing. It was divine, the fish was fresh and the dressing tied together all the ingredients. They also have a salmon poke bowl that we’ll try on our next visit!

“Tuna Poke: Thon, jus de citron, huile de sésame, sauce soya, sauce chili, radis, oignon vert, ananas, edamames, oignon vert, nouille soba, bébé chou fries” 13.00$

This fabulous little media event spilled onto the street into a Mile End block party. And who was spinning his tunes in the little alley next to VertU Bar Santé? None other than Montreal DJ Andrew Pololos. We’ve been following him around town for years, he’s made quite a name for himself and he livened up the Mile End block party. He introduced us to Scuba, the owner of VertU Bar Santé, who turned up the birthday celebration for Chomedey Double D’s, getting us a little rowdy, all while keeping it somewhat classy. Honestly, we had a fabulous late afternoon!

If you’re in the Mile End, searching for a healthy lunch option, check out VertU Bar Santé. They have plenty vegetarian and vegan options but they also accommodate the carnivores amongst us. Their smoothies are delicious, their salads healthy and filling, and their poke bowls a whole lot of fun!

Our Rating: As Expected
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