Thursday 5 à 7 at New City Gas

The trendy spot to see and be seen is New City Gas (NCG) in Old Montreal. Known as an event venue that hosts DJs from all over the world, it is more than just a spot for EDM lovers. On Thursday evenings throughout the summer season, New City Gas’ terrace will be open from 5-11 p.m. An eclectic group of trend setters, business people, party animals and people simply craving a good cocktail can be found at NCG during their 5 à 7.

New City Gas, 5 à 7, Terrace, Montreal BarLawrence Picard, the famed mixologist from Nectar Consulting + Bar Design helped create New City Gas’ signature cocktail menu. We loved the Khaleesi cocktail with Absolut Berry, a strawberry concoction, rosé wine, soda and rhubarb bitters. It was the perfect sweet and sour combination! Sadly Diva #1 was boozy the night before this event so she was taking it slow. She opted for the Sun 7 cocktail with Bombay, St Germain, a tropical tea mix exclusive to NCG and the ever-so-important ingredient: Redbull. She really needed that little pick-me-up to get her through the evening!

“Khaleesi: Absolut Berry, sour aux fraises et shizandra, vin rosé, soda, amers à la rhubarbe” “Sun 7: Bombay, St Germain, Redbull yellow, mélange de thés tropicaux NCG”

“Khaleesi: Absolut Berry, sour aux fraises et shizandra, vin rosé, soda, amers à la rhubarbe”
“Sun 7: Bombay, St Germain, Redbull yellow, mélange de thés tropicaux NCG”

And if New City Gas wasn’t fun enough, they now have a 60-seat pop-up kitchen that will be open three days a week. Matador is a ceviche and taco bar opened by the geniuses that we adore behind Marché 27. If you follow us then you know our love for this tartare bar and we were excited to see what their sister restaurant, Matador, had to offer.

Matador's Pulled Pork Tacos

Matador’s Pulled Pork Tacos

Besides the adorable presentation, the mini pulled pork tacos were absolutely delicious. Pulled pork with a tangy sauce was topped with red cabbage and coriander. It was served with two types of Tabasco and a lime wedge for that refreshing finish. Unfortunately we did not get to try much from the Matador pop-up kitchen but we truly enjoyed these little taco bites and we’re curious to see what else they have to offer.



Of course no summer 5 à 7 is complete without an oyster station for a refreshing treat! Nothing screams summer in Montreal like cocktails and oysters on a terrace and New City Gas did not disappoint.

And if you’re worried about our pesky Montreal summers that start out sunny and end in a torrential downpour, fret not! New City Gas’ terrace is covered by a transparent plastic roof (it’s actually a glorified tempo) so that the sun can get in but the rain can stay out. Montrealers need to stay ahead of the weather game in our fair city!

New City Gas, 5 +á 7, Terrace, Montreal Bar - LoungeNew City Gas also had a back room with seats, another bar and on this particular night, even an artist painting a canvas. Champagne fom Veuve Cliquot was flowing and you could choose to sit on the glamorous couches or mill around and socialize. We devoured sausages that were passed around as canapés, and more cocktails while we enjoyed the setting sun over the terrace.



We have had good times partying at New City Gas until the wee hours of the morning. Though NCG is known as an event venue for EDM lovers, their 5 à 7 soirée is for a different crowd; those who just finished work and want to enjoy lounge music, all while sipping cocktails and slurping oysters. Beautiful people, enjoying the gorgeous weather and having a lovely time, it’s an always on Thursdays type of place 😉

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    So fun! The terrace looks so nice!

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