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Ramen Plaza

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been eating a lot of ramen lately, so though we don’t think that we’re experts… Continue reading »

Eggplant & Pork Ragù Pasta with Homemade Ricotta

You need to start making your own ricotta… we know that we sound completely insane! Why would someone make homemade… Continue reading »

Yokato Yokabai

Lately we’ve been on a crazy ramen crawl, we’re ladies of cravings and this month it has been all about… Continue reading »


***Sadly this Restaurant is Closed*** Mexican restaurants are all the craze in Montreal right now! They’re popping up everywhere so… Continue reading »

Qing Hua

Lately we’ve been on an intense dumpling crawl, trying all the dumplings that we can find in Montreal. Seriously we’ve… Continue reading »

Lapin Blanc

You know how we feel about excessive traveling to areas outside of our usual boundaries but we do make the… Continue reading »

Boucherie Lawrence

Oh Montreal, how we adore you and your versatility! Boucherie Lawrence is a butcher shop in the Plateau down the… Continue reading »

Le Cochon Caché

***Sadly this Restaurant is Closed*** The Divas love small places run by people who truly enjoy what they do; you… Continue reading »

Cabane à Sucre Au Pied de Cochon V

At the ball, when the clock struck midnight for Cinderella, she met her prince. On December 1st, when the clock… Continue reading »

SuWu’s New Menu Launch

We were invited to the media launch for SuWu’s new menu. We had been to SuWu last summer and had… Continue reading »

Le Quartier Général

The Divas have tried dining at Le Quartier Général on several occasions but reservations were hard to come by.  Finally,… Continue reading »

Cabane à Sucre Au Pied de Cochon II

The Divas don’t often follow rules.  In fact, more often than not, we find them unnecessarily constricting. However, when it… Continue reading »

Pho Lien

You don’t get less Diva-like than Pho Lien but let us explain… The Divas were fighting, all divas fight but… Continue reading »

Blackstrap BBQ

The Divas cannot always agree, and that is what happens when you have two people reviewing the same place. Majority… Continue reading »


Diva #1 can often be heard complaining about the Greeks, and as a Montreal Greek, reserves the right to complain… Continue reading »

Le Hachoir I

One night late at work, Diva #1 and Bellatrix were craving a good burger coupled with fresh tasting tartare. We… Continue reading »

Café Sardine

***Sadly this Restaurant is Closed*** Diva #1 and Sweet Pea spend most of September, all of October and sometimes parts… Continue reading »