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Kim (Kam) Fung

First of all, this restaurant is known as Kim Fung or Kam Fung depending on Facebook, their website, the sign… Continue reading »

Yi Pin Xiang

Dumplings, Dumplings, Dumplings! Yi Pin Xiang is a dumpling restaurant in Ville St Laurent that’s well known all over Montreal…. Continue reading »

Qing Hua

Lately we’ve been on an intense dumpling crawl, trying all the dumplings that we can find in Montreal. Seriously we’ve… Continue reading »

Sammi & Soupe Dumpling

We were on a quest for Montreal’s best dumplings, that was our craving, and we needed to satisfy it immediately…. Continue reading »

Maison June Rose

When you hear that a restaurant offers a set price with a menu that is all-you-can-eat or à volonté as… Continue reading »

Le Cristal Chinois

***Sadly this Restaurant is Closed*** Bubbles is one of Diva #1’s oldest friends, they met in grade one and went… Continue reading »

Disneyworld Restaurants, Orlando, FL

Perhaps the luckiest girl in the world is the girl whose Aunty and Uncle ask the question: “Do you want… Continue reading »