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We were invited to the media launch for SuWu’s new menu. We had been to SuWu last summer and had tried a lot of their comfort foods, enjoying their hip hop tunes and atmosphere. Their style was a type of upscale bar food that was definitely geared towards all American southern comfort food with a grilled cheese mac n’ cheese, delightful pogos (Diva #1 loves a good pogo) and buttermilk deep fried chicken sliders. When we arrived at the event we were very happy to see the Global Montreal girls, and it reminded us that we had to go out with them ASAP. They are due for the Diva experience; excessive drinking, lots of good food and a night that ends with a series of bad decisions.

Suwu Montreal

The media launch party began with a Pimm’s Cup; gin, mint, cucumber and ginger, this was a traditional Pimm’s Cup. The bartender informed us that SuWu was going to change the Pimm’s Cup weekly and include a variety of different fruit, liquors, syrups, etc, depending on the week. For tonight we got the very delicious traditional Pimm’s Cup but it will be interesting to see what fun combinations SuWu will come up with. Our table was soon ready, as we were part of the second seating for the event, and off we went to sit down and begin what we love most of all: dinner.

Pimm’s Cup: Gin, Mint, Cucumber and Ginger

Pimm’s Cup: Gin, Mint, Cucumber and Ginger

Besides Pimm’s Cup we were also given the choice between one of two cocktails to lube us up a bit. The choices were between a Hendrix gin with watermelon and raspberry, and a tequila based drink with chili and thyme. Since we were two we tried both, even though tequila has wronged us many times and we try to avoid it like an ill tempered lover. The Hendrix with watermelon and raspberry was a little too sugary sweet for our liking but perfect for that specific type of woman who prefers to drink juice than really taste the booze in their drink… that isn’t us. Although if you have too many of this fruity business you may end up a little worse for wear because though it didn’t taste strong, we saw the bartender poor the alcohol, and she was generous. The tequila, chili and thyme drink was also really good, as you let it sit it became spicier and it was really interesting, especially when you tasted bursts of thyme.

Hendrix Gin, Watermelon & Raspberry Tequila, Chili & Thyme

Hendrix Gin, Watermelon & Raspberry
Tequila, Chili & Thyme

There were three canapés being passed around but we only got to try two out of the three. The one we missed out on was the avocado mousse with an olive tapenade and hummus with croutons. We tried the salmon tartare first, which was a salmon gravlax with beets, lemon and avocado. The salmon was fresh, but the beets were not prevalent enough. The avocado was browning a bit so though it didn’t taste overripe, the colour threw us off. We had had the salmon tartare on their old menu but this one was more refreshing and we really liked it. It is always a good idea to eat some tartare with your cocktails!

“Tartare de Saumon de L’Atlantique: Gravlax à la betterave, citron confit, mousse d’avocat"

“Tartare de Saumon de L’Atlantique: Gravlax à la betterave, citron confit, mousse d’avocat”

We were happy to see Lolitta from Fashion is Everywhere, and we also got to meet her husband. We had a good time with her and Carrie from Zurbaines when we met them at a Sofitel Event just last month. We were soon making future plans with her and planning another Diva-night with unsuspecting victims. It is really great meeting fellow bloggers at these events and mingling, we are fairly new in the blogging world and besides our dear dear Sensei from Montreal Breakfast Review, who showers us in attention, until recently, we knew no one at these events.

The deer tartare was tossed with fresh herbs and buckwheat on pumpernickel croutons. The salmon tartare was our favourite of the two because it was more refreshing. Nonetheless the deer tartare was very good too, it was richer and creamier. It is nice when a menu has tartares that are seasoned and prepared completely differently, so that if someone orders both they can have completely different experiences. At SuWu, the tartares were even on different breads!

"Tartare de Cerf : Herbes, Pousse de sarrasin, croûton de pumpernickel "

“Tartare de Cerf : Herbes, Pousse de sarrasin, croûton de pumpernickel “

Their main menu for the night included a variety of options such as the hanger steak with a blue cheese butter and green beans, a Cobb salad, pork chop, etc. There was also the pasta of the day which on this night was a carbonara. We couldn’t decide, as always Diva #2 wanted to do eeny, meeny, miny, moe to make the decision and drive Diva #1 nuts since she doesn’t believe in leaving anything to chance. So we chose the fish of the day, after some advice from a neighbouring table, which was a pan seared mackerel with quinoa cakes. It was decent but it didn’t impress us. With all the amazing fish and seafood that we have had in Montreal,  it is hard for SuWu to make an impressive fish plate and compete. The quinoa cakes were rather bland and they needed either more seasoning or a better sauce to jazz them up.

“Poisson, Fruits de Mer: Disponible selon arrivage”

“Poisson, Fruits de Mer: Disponible selon arrivage”

Our main meal came with a choice between a glass of red wine or white and we happily indulged. Our second main was the buttermilk deep fried chicken which on our previous visit we had eaten in slider format. Three generous pieces of crispy chicken made up this main dish.  It arrived on a cutting board and each piece of chicken sat on kale and creamy polenta. The chicken skin wasn’t greasy which was a plus, but it needed more salt, it was better in its little slider with the accompanied sauce. The kale with polenta was particularly unappetizing, perhaps if it had sat on some southern style mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes it would have tied the dish together, the kale with creamy polenta did nothing for the chicken.

“Poulet au Babeurre : kale, polenta crémeuse"

“Poulet au Babeurre : kale, polenta crémeuse”

Unfortunately the media event’s menu did not come with dessert, and we tried to order some but it took so long to arrive that we were forced to cancel our order because we had somewhere else to be. Their desserts include apple crisp, a chocolate fondant, pudding chômeur and cheese plate. The pudding chômeur sounded the most interesting!

In the end, we were a bit surprised with SuWu.  We were used to their super fun and original gourmet take on all-American and Southern bar foods; greasy and fatty but oh so good for a night that you want to get liquored up. While their tartares were really good, SuWu’s new main menu seems to boast a more formal and conservative edge that doesn’t necessarily suit their trendy hip-hop style. If someone is in the mood for a hanger steak they go to a steakhouse, if they want good carbonara they go to an Italian restaurant, etc, SuWu was about something else. We didn’t see the complete new menu but according to their website, our favorites will remain, so we will be back! Give SuWu’s menu a chance and tell us what you think.  Maybe we are just snobby bitches?

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