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The only way to curb those winter blues is by getting some Vitamin D – nothing, and we mean nothing, cures Canadian winter misery quite like the sun above your head, sand between you toes and a dip in the ocean. Diva #1, Aunty and her favourite cousin ran off to Florida for a fabulous long weekend of reading on the beach until the buzz from the many mojitos set in nicely. And of course, a trip to Florida is not complete without fabulous wining and dining!

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Seasons 52 is a fresh grill and wine bar that has a seasonal menu that changes four times a year with the seasons, as well as a separate menu of specials that changes more regularly. The restaurant promises its clients dishes made with the freshest seasonal ingredients. There are over 40 Seasons 52 locations in the USA, with a master sommelier that oversees all their wine lists. We were intrigued before we walked in!

“New Old Fashioned: breaker craft bourbon, cherry heering, apple bitters, orange wheel, cherry” 11$
“Cucumber Basil Smash: prairie organic cucumber vodka, white cranberry juice, cucumber, basil, lime” 10.50$

Even though they’re known for their wines, we wanted to try their cocktails. The New Old Fashioned was a spin on a classic Old Fashioned cocktail with apple bitters and a more prominent cherry taste. We also had the Cucumber Basil Smash which was refreshing, as any Florida cocktail should be. Cucumber vodka, white cranberry juice with basil, lime and cucumber made up this delicious cocktail.

“Blistered Shishito Peppers: roasted corn, Sonoma goat-feta cheese, lemon aioli, sumac” 7.50$

We were ravenous and ordered way too much food, as is the way of Diva #1 and her family. The shishito peppers were cooked until they blistered and were tossed with roasted corn, Sonoma feta cheese, a lemon aioli and sumac. It was a very interesting combination of flavours, not too spicy at all, every bite of pepper was delicious if you got some cheese in your bite, but missing something without the saltiness of the cheese.

“Lobster & Fresh Mozzarella Flatbread: roasted sweet peppers, scallion, lobster sour cream” 15.90

We absolutely had to try one of the flatbreads on their menu, they had a whole section of their menu dedicated to them! We ordered the Lobster & Fresh Mozzarella Flatbread and we were not disappointed. A long wooden tray with the flatbread was brought before us, and we started to drool. The flatbread was very thin, as it should be, and topped with pieces of lobster, mozzarella cheese, sweet peppers and scallions. It was lightly topped with a lobster sour cream for added creaminess, we loved it!

“Wood-Grilled Filet Mignon: trio of roasted mushrooms, Broccolini, Yukon mash, red wine sauce” 28.50$

The filet mignon was wood grilled and cooked to the perfect medium rare that we requested. Served with roasted mushrooms, in a red wine sauce, the meat was tender and the mushrooms cooked to perfection. The red wine sauce was not overpowering and it paired well with the mushrooms. Mashed potatoes were the perfect accompaniment to this beautiful cut of meat, as well as broccolini for a touch of greens. This was our favourite main dish of the night!

“Truffle Mac’ n’ Cheese en Brodo: cave-aged Gruyère, cheddar, trio of roasted mushrooms, truffle zest, panko crust” 6.50$

Because we’re gluttons we ordered the truffle mac n’ cheese as a side dish, even though we had ordered more than enough food! The cheeses were gruyère and cheddar, but unfortunately there was not enough cheese in this mac n’ cheese, it wasn’t creamy enough, it was almost too dry. What saved this mac n’ cheese was the generous amount of roasted mushrooms, the truffle zest which was potent, and the panko crust. It was delicious, but it required more of that rich cheese feeling-in-your-mouth that mac n’ cheese is associated with.

“Caramelized Grilled Sea Scallops: lemon risotto, English peas, roasted asparagus” 24.40$

The caramelized grilled sea scallops were a large portion – everything is bigger in America and their portion size is out of control. The scallops were cooked perfectly and sat on a bed of lemon risotto with asparagus and broccolini on the side. You can also order their scallops as a little side dish, to tickle your palate, we recommend them, they’re delicious!

“Wood-Grilled New York Strip: sauté of vegetables, Yukon Mash, roasted garlic butter” 31$

Since we were in a steak-kinda-mood we also had the wood grilled New York Strip. We’re fans of filet mignon so obviously that was our favourite between the two cuts of meat, but the New York strip was nonetheless a great steak. Again, it was cooked just as we requested, and it came with more of their creamy mashed potatoes and roasted garlic butter for a different flavour than their filet mignon dish.

Dessert Tray

The tantalizing tray of two-bite desserts arrived before us for us to choose amongst the little bites of sweetness. We opted for the key lime pie, and the pecan pie. The key lime pie was made with a pecan crust and toasted meringue. The pecan pie was topped with a vanilla bean mousse and the pecans were honey-glazed for sugary goodness. They were both delicious and the perfect little dessert to satisfy our sweet tooth.

“Key Lime Pie: pecan crust, toasted meringue” 3$
“Pecan Pie: vanilla bean mousse, whipped cream, honey-glazed pecan” 3$

If you’re in Florida, or more specifically Fort Lauderdale, check out Seasons 52 in The Galleria. They had plenty of other interesting options such as lump crab, shrimp and spinach stuffed mushrooms, duck wing lollipops, seafood paella, and a blackened steak and blue cheese flat bread – they all sound absolutely divine!

Our Rating: Splendid
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