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Forget what you knew about Rosewood, now with Chef Colin Griffin at its helm, Rosewood‘s menu has been revamped, and it’s marvelous.  We were invited to check out Rosewood’s new menu with Day Jobs and the NightLife and The Everyday Luxury, and we were intrigued to see what they had been up to since our last visit.  One of the perks of being invited to a restaurant is that you’ll often get to try dishes that are not yet on the menu, or that the chef wants to showcase. Often we try dishes that we may not have ordered on our own!

Beausoleil Oysters

Our night started with a plate of New Brunswick Beausoleil oysters.  The oysters were served with lemon wedges and two mignonettes; one mignonette was made with rice wine vinegar, and the other with shallots, maple and sherry.  Both were delicious with the meaty, salty bivalves.

“Salmon Tartare: tempura battered Bermuda coins & orange, soy-honey glaze” 15$

We had a few of the appetizers and sides starting with the salmon tartare.  Presented as a tower with layers of crisped taro chips in between the layers of fish, the tartare was cool and fresh, flavoured with rice wine and a Thai basil marinade.  Unfortunately, there was a distinct anise flavour that was a little too strong for our liking.

The chef’s soup was a tomatillo soup with red tomatoes for some sweetness which counter balanced the slight acidity of the tomatillos.  It was paired with a lovely cocktail that tasted like a spiked cider.  The soup itself was delicious, filled with pieces of chicken thigh, and it had a good spicy kick at the end.

“Chicken Nuggets: Jalapeno ranch & homemade BBQ sauce” 11$

We fell in love with the chicken nuggets when we first came to Rosewood when it initially opened. The chicken nuggets are made for adults, served with a lemon wedge and two dipping sauces.  The nuggets are made with chicken thighs which are marinated in gojuchang, a delicious Korean spicy red pepper paste.  The skin was crispy and the chicken was still juicy, they were as good as we remember.

Chef’s Special: Shrimp Pizza

The next dish isn’t on the menu but the chef was inspired to have us try the shrimp pizza.  Topped with large grilled shrimp, arugula salad, pizzaiola sauce, cherry tomatoes, and dollops of ricotta, we loved it.  The shrimp were sweet and meaty; the sauce was a little spicy and the crust was great, nice and crispy.  If you see this dish on their menu, be sure to order it!

“Roasted Chicken: Skewered thighs, charred peppers and onions, garlic-potato puree, spicy marinated eggplant, lemon emulsion” 24$

We tried three different mains, including the roasted chicken which sounds ordinary but is anything but!  Again, using the chicken thighs for a little more flavour, it was served with creamy mashed potatoes, vegetables that were charred for extra flavour, and marinated eggplant which was like a spicy chutney on the side.  The lemon emulsion that pooled on the plate was a nice little citrus touch to brighten everything up.

“Bavette: Provençale butter, red wine sauce, roasted & steamed vegetables” 26$

The bavette was one of the best pieces of meat we’ve had in a while and it’s all because of the method of cooking.  It was cooked using the reverse sear technique which simply means that the steak is cooked at a low temperature and then finished with a hard sear on both sides, similar to cooking steak in a sous-vide machine.  The steak was tender, evenly cooked throughout, with a nice crust on the outside.  The steak was served with Provencal butter, melted on top of the steak, both roasted and steamed vegetables for different textures and flavours, and a fragrant red wine sauce. Everything about this dish worked well together!

Chef’s Special: Rabbit with Sweet Potato Gnocchi

We were full, but the chef brought out a cutting board with a rabbit, its kidneys, and sweet potato gnocchi.  How could we say no!?  The rabbit, which was lacking a little salt, was dressed with a lovely mustard sauce flavoured with ham. It paired nicely with the sweet potato gnocchi.  It was served with a variety of vegetables including pattypan squash, snap peas, mushrooms and corn.

“Maple Sugar Pie: Served in verrine, pie crust crumble, candied walnuts, whipped cream” 6$

While sitting at the bar after dinner, despite our protests of being full, out came dessert and we couldn’t resist taking a few bites of the deconstructed maple sugar pie.  Served in a tall glass, a layer of the creamy maple sugar pie sat at the bottom of the glass which was layered with pie crust crumble, whip cream and plenty of candied walnuts for crunch.

“Ol’ Fashioned Frais Fumé: Bulleit Bourbon, sirop d’orange, angostura, zest d’orange, angostura, fumée avec du chêne” 13$

If you love Old Fashioned cocktails, the one at Rosewood is one of the best in the city.  And it’s quite something to watch it being made too!  They have fashioned a smoker at the bar which infuses the drink with smoky oak which adds a nice, subtle flavour along the sweet bourbon, angostura bitters, orange zest and orange syrup.

If it isn’t already, Rosewood should be on your go-to list.  The atmosphere is fun, especially when there’s a live band (and appearance from part-owner Jonas!), the cocktails are great, and the food, thanks to new chef Colin Griffin, is delicious and drool-worthy!

Our Rating: Splendid
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