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Steve Gill is the founder and Chief Recipe Officer of Quesada Burritos & Tacos; they have 78 restaurants across Canada, and their restaurants can be described as a casual Mexican lunch spot. We were there for the media tasting event at their Côte-des-Neiges location, trying some of Quesada’s classics as well as trying out some dishes from their test kitchen.

Drunken Chicken

We had their Drunken Chicken as mini burritos, this customer favourite returns for a short time once a year. Chicken breast is marinated in a sauce with garlic, ancho chile peppers, pasilla chile peppers, cinnamon, ground cloves, coriander, cumin, orange juice, tequila, chipotle tabasco and other ingredients that make up their famous drunken chicken.

Barbacoa Soft Tacos

We had mini versions of various quesadillas and tacos that came out of the kitchen. We loved the ancho pork mini quesadillas, and the Barbacoa soft tacos that were bursting with flavour. But our favourite part of the night was the intense salsa competition. Well let’s be honest, it didn’t have to be intense, but we made it intense and competitive because we simply had to win.

Salsa Competition

The competition was simple, Quesada provided us with a bunch of ingredients and we were all to combine some or all of them however we liked to create our own unique salsa. You got to keep your salsa after the tasting, and the winner would win a Samsung tablet. It goes without saying that we were quite invested in winning! Diva #1, Sweet Pea, Peaches and Katina Chardonnay ran to the table to make the winning salsa – we just needed one of us to win and the odds were in our favour!

Salsa Competition

We made four very different salsas, and they were all judged quite seriously, taking into account spiciness, texture, taste and even colour. Diva #1 talked a big game and even went to the kitchen to grab salt and pepper to add to her salsa. Somehow the gods were on our side and the top 3 were some random girl, Peaches and Katina Chardonnay. Steve Gill needed help and asked someone from the kitchen to help choose amongst the top 3. Unfortunately, we didn’t win… but we murdered the girl when she left and took her Samsung Tablet – just kidding!

Portobello and Poblano Soft Tacos

We weren’t cheery, so we continued drinking wine to drown our sorrows. The good news is that Quesada has wine and beer because they need a liquor license to make their drunken chicken. So though it’s a lunch spot you can get a little boozy – which is always good news! They tested out some vegetarian tacos on us, they’ll be appearing on the menu soon. Their Portobello and poblano soft tacos were delicious, simple and tasty. We added a bit of sour cream and salsa for more flavour!

Ancho Pork Mini Quesadillas

For the event, Quesada had little bowls of their different salsas, made daily with fresh ingredients, and guacamole on different tables; we got to try Quesada’s varied flavours. We thought our salsas were the best, so we mixed our salsas with their guacamole for the best flavour. Hmmm maybe they’ll hire us? Our love of their guac was further exemplified when we had it on a crispy tostada with their spicy chicken – delicious! Simply topped with corn and coriander, it was a tasty little bite and we liked the crispiness of the tostada with the creamy guac.

Spicy Chicken on Tortilla Chips or Tostadas

Quesada Côte-des-Neiges is located right across the Jewish General Hospital, it’s the perfect spot to stop for a fun fast Mexican lunch. Fast food doesn’t have to be mediocre, check out Quesada in one of their 78 locations across Canada – you wont be disappointed!

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