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No. 900 is a Neapolitan pizzeria that has been opening up all over Montreal! They’re redefining fast food, the pizza cooks in 90 seconds, and these guys are available for take out and delivery too. We were at No. 900 in Westmount for an opening event, and we had a ball! We had been to No. 900’s Outremont location, so we already knew that we loved their pizza, you can read about that HERE.

Typical to their style, No. 900 in Westmount was also tiny, longer than it is wide. For the event they had an added pop-up bar with Aperol Spritz cocktails flowing. You can’t have pizza without an Aperol Spritz, and trust us, we had plenty. The pop-up bar was facing a large open window and their food truck that was right outside was making Nutella pizza.

We fell in love with the man slicing fresh prosciutto and serving it to anyone feeling peckish. Their charcuterie meats are either homemade or imported from Italy. We couldn’t get enough of the prosciutto, it wasn’t too salty or dry. You can order a charcutuerie platter or enjoy some cured meats on your pizza!

Known for their fleur de sel mozzarella that they use to top their pizza and give it its characteristic flavour, No. 900 knows a little something about cheese. You can also order mozzarella as an appetizer in various formats. We tried their stracciata di burrata which is cheese made into more of a dip, but with that wonderful burrata taste. It was served with focaccia, and drizzled with olive oil and topped with basil for that Italian finish.

“Stracciata di Burrata” 7$

But let’s talk about the pizza, which ranges in price from 8$ to 14$. Our favourite pizza is the spicy pancetta and figs pizza with fresh goat cheese and an aged balsamic, and the porcini with white truffle and a hazelnut cream pizza. The roasted mushroom pizza with prosciutto, ricotta and fior di latte cheese is also a gem.

Honestly they have some pretty interesting combinations of pizza, and because their cured meats are so fresh, pizzas with salami and prosciutto are absolutely divine. They have a porchetta pizza that we would like to try, as well as their sfizi stuffed with prosciutto, and a salami calzone. In sum, No. 900 is all about pizza and all of its components like charcuterie and cheese.

Besides the food truck whipping up Nutella pizza, Arte & Farina, a fabulous little Italian bakery, provided the custard and chocolate bombolones. This wasn’t our first time tasting Arte & Farina’s goodies, and it certainly won’t be our last. Can you tell that we love pizza? Only when it’s done right and the ingredients are of top quality!

Check out No. 900 at any of their locations and tell us what you think! We’ve been to the Outremont and Westmount locations and it they are divine.
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