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Lately, it seems like Montreal has a revolving door of restaurants closing and new ones springing up in their place. The Divas were recently invited to MKT’s media event, the newest restaurant to open in downtown Montreal. Described as Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, MKT hosted an event with canapés to give you an idea of what their menu had to offer.

MKT, Montreal Restaurant - BarLocated on Metcalf in the Golden Square Mile, MKT has secured the talents of Chef Marino Tavares, a veteran of 25 years in the industry. The restaurant is modern with sleek lines and a clean design. As we entered, a DJ was playing and a sax player was moving around the room. We got our glasses of red wine and spotted Day Jobs & Night Life, who never left our side. He truly does love us!

MKT, Montreal Restaurant - Sax ManAn oyster station was set up across from the bar, and naturally, the Divas flocked to it. There were different types of oysters being shucked in front of us, laid out on beds of ice, with plenty of lemon and lime wedges to garnish our oysters. It’s safe to say, the Divas made sure that the shuckers were kept busy as we feasted on the delicious salty bivalves! Day Jobs & Night Life just looked at us in disgust while he drank and we enjoyed the oysters in childlike glee.

MKT, Montreal Restaurant - OystersWhile we missed a few of the appetizers that were being passed around, we did try the porchetta sandwich more than once, which was served pulled pork style. Served on a soft Italian-style bun, the porchetta sandwich was served simply with no other condiments or additions so that you could taste the meat. It was moist and flavourful though a little something extra in the sandwich would have been welcomed.

Porchetta Sandwich & Gorgonzola Gnocchi

Porchetta Sandwich & Gorgonzola Gnocchi

The gorgonzola gnocchi, on the other hand, were so-so. The sauce was good; however the gnocchi itself was overcooked and sort of fell apart in the sauce. Day Jobs & Night Life and Diva #1 initially ate Diva #2’s gnocchi canapé but she eventually muscled her way around MKT and got another one. She definitely needs new friends!

Mushroom Risotto

Mushroom Risotto

We also tried the mushroom risotto and loved it! Creamy and very flavourful, with plenty of mushrooms, this was definitely our favourite appetizer of the night.

We don’t usually put up pictures of ourselves on our blog but the one below really sums up our relationship. Diva#1 is telling Diva#2 one of her crazy stories and Diva#2 is drinking until she finds some semblance of normalcy in them. We have a bizarre relationship but somehow it works!

Photo Credit: Diva#1 & Diva#2

Photo Credit:
Diva#1 & Diva#2

MKT had a successful opening event; the place was packed and buzzing as we made our exit. We didn’t get to try everything but that only gives us incentive to go back for a proper dinner. The Golden Square Mile lacks in inventive restaurants and we hope that MKT helps the area pick up the pace!

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  1. Dahlia May 3, 2015 at 9:36 pm Reply

    The Golden Square Mile needs new good restaurants!

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