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A Monkland staple, Lucille’s Oyster Dive reopened in May 2013, after a fire forced them to rebuild. Diva#1 had gone in 2012 and had a fabulous time with Zeus and Bellatrix. It was burned down weeks later, and some have suggested that perhaps Bellatrix had something to do with it 😉

Booming again, the restaurant was built to accommodate a few more people and a new catering service was added. Excited by the Twitter posts announcing its reopening, the Divas were ready to go there on a hot Thursday night. And what originally started out as a simple dinner for two turned out to be a fun night complete with debauchery, drinking and an especially interesting night for Vegan Vixen.

Lucille's Oyster Dive Lucille’s doesn’t take reservations so the Divas headed over and knew we were going to be waiting a while. The lineup outside was long, the terrace packed and it was mayhem getting into the little restaurant interior.  We gave our name to the hostess and waited outside.  When the Divas get hungry, we get unstable and smelling all the delicious food and seeing plates go by didn’t help!  Perhaps the best part about waiting outside was being asked to move by a guy on a Segway who wanted to read the outside menu.  Only in Montreal…

While we waited, Diva #1 did what Diva #1 does best, plan a crazy night. Zeus had his class, Mr. Wonderful was previously engaged and Sweet Pea was with family, but that did not discourage her, she just kept thinking about who to text. As she picked up her phone she saw that Vegan Vixen had already texted with the usual “it’s Thursday, where are you going? I am coming after work.” We love her for it! Now that we knew that Vegan Vixen was coming, we quickly told our hostess that our table was now for three. We didn’t yet know that by the end of the night, we’d be six!

Lucille's Oyster Dive After a bit of a wait, the hostess came to get us outside as our table was ready.  Our spirits were definitely raised as our waiter, better known to the Divas as Mr. Big from sister restaurant Marché 27, greeted us. Just like Carrie in Sex in the City, Mr. Big just seems to walk in and out of our lives.

While Lucille’s has an extensive cocktail list, we opted for a dry white wine.  The bottle we wanted was out, as was our second choice so Mr. Big helped us choose.  He took a quick look in the wine cellar just behind our table and came out with a wonderful bottle; it must have been good we ordered three more while we were there.  As the door closed behind him, the Divas gave each other one look and we knew we had the same thought – we wanted to lock him up in there and have our way with him!  Our first bottle was poured and sat in a large empty can of ketchup. Little touches like this really gives a restaurant an endearing quality and may go unnoticed. We did not even care that they had run out of so many wines because Mr. Big found us a great affordable option and was very apologetic.

Wine & Aging Meat The Divas’ philosophy is that restaurants should serve oysters instead of the usual bread and butter.  So of course we ordered a dozen to start our meal.  It came with the traditional red onion vinaigrette, Habanero sauce instead of Tabasco, lemon wedges and a jalapeno sauce that wasn’t overly spicy.  We had two kinds of oysters and both were fresh, plump and delicious!  That first dozen went down easily and we were wondering if we should order more.

"Oysters on the half shell" MP$

“Oysters on the half shell” MP$

As the sister restaurant of Marché 27 we expected some fabulous tartare, and Lucille’s Oyster Dive has two on their menu. We ordered the lettuce wrap salmon tartare that is prepared in an Asian style and served on crispy noodles.  The lettuce wasn’t really necessary as the tartare was clean and fresh on its own and the crispy noodles added a nice textured contrast to the creamy salmon.

"Lettuce wrap salmon tartare Asian style with crispy noodles" 17$ / 26$

“Lettuce wrap salmon tartare Asian style with crispy noodles” 17$ / 26$

Our next appetizer was the grilled octopus and we’re glad we ordered this dish.  A recommendation by Mr. Big, he does not disappoint. Usually when octopus is grilled, a part of it is always overcooked and chewy.  Not this time.  It was really tender, flavourful and the Greek salad added a touch of salt from the feta and a bright taste from the tomato and cucumber.  The red onion was sliced very thinly and almost pickled, it was a great dish.

"Grilled octopus served on Greek salad" 14$

“Grilled octopus served on Greek salad” 14$

By this time, Vegan Vixen had arrived and joined in on the second bottle of wine.  When the Divas sit and read a menu, we tend to get inspired.  So when our eye caught the words filet mignon on the chalkboard, we couldn’t pass up making our own surf and turf with the lobster rolls.  But Mr. Big advised us that the rib steak was even better than their filet mignon, and how could we argue with him? It didn’t help that Lucille’s has a glass room in the back, aging the meat; we were salivating all night. Vegan Vegan ordered the fish and chips, continuing her usual farce of being a vegetarian.  Sigh!

Diva #1 felt inspired and started by texting the Sister-In-Law who lived a few blocks away, and Ivory who lives up the street, and JB… even our Sensei got a text. Soon, the Sister-In-Law arrived to join the party.

Not long after, Ivory, the Divas’ coworker joined our table and we ordered our third bottle of wine, though we knew we would have to filter a bit more to keep the office gossip in check. Diva #2 gave a few darting looks to Diva #1 who tends to get chatty when inebriated and says too much.  Meanwhile, our mains arrived!

"Fish and Chips" 17$

“Fish and Chips” 17$

The fish and chips were very good and in between bites, Vegan Vixen mentioned that she had joined a dating site.  The Divas were curious to see her options and quickly filtered her potential list on her cellphone.  This included eliminating the guy who offered her money.  If anyone reading this is potentially interested in darling Vegan Vixen, feel free to email us with your photo!  Back to the meal.  The fish was flaky and moist and the outside crust was not too thick and had a nice crunch. The portion size was perfect, the fries delicious and the fish not overcooked and oily.

One more person heeded the text message call and JB was the lucky man to be sitting with 5 women!  But maybe it was too much for him as he and Vegan Vixen soon took their first long cigarette break.

"Lobster rolls (2) plus fries" 27$

“Lobster rolls (2) plus fries” 27$

The lobster rolls were truly delicious. Diva #1 had had them on a previous visit and was eager to try them again.  They were overflowing with chunks of meaty lobster, it wasn’t overly creamy and the hot dog bun was toasted just enough so that it didn’t fall apart or get soggy.  There were two lobster rolls which was perfect for sharing.  We switched the fries to sweet potato fries and they made for a nice little side.

Vegan Vixen and JB finally came back from their cigarette break just in time for the rib steak.  Served on a wooden board, Mr. Big was right about this choice.   The meat was cooked perfectly, medium rare (a little blood doesn’t scare the Divas) and was served with a chimichurri sauce on the side.  We also had two sides with the meat, mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables.  The meat was tender and succulent and would satisfy any meat eater. Vegan Vixen rolled her eyes and the Divas dug in.

"Rib Steak" MP$

“Rib Steak” MP$

The mashed potatoes were meh! But the sweet potato fries were wonderful. At this point, we noticed that Vegan Vixen and JB had disappeared for long cigarette break number two.  The Divas found it somewhat suspicious but we chose to ignore that little blooming relationship.

Since we had clearly settled in for the night, it was only appropriate to order the fourth bottle of wine to enjoy our dessert.  Mr. Big told us we had a choice between pecan pie and key lime.  The Divas chose key lime but unfortunately, they had run out.  Ivory had also ordered the mini hamburgers which had also  run out but it was a busy night and they had just reopened so we just shrugged our shoulders and settled on the pecan pie.

Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie

The pecan pie was a thick slice and not too sweet which was nice.  There was chocolate on the crust under the filling which was a nice touch.  The pecans were still crunchy and the filling was smooth.  A good way to end our meal and we were glad to have ordered it.

Sometimes, the nights you don’t plan turn out to the best and this was exactly the case when we went to Lucille’s.  The atmosphere was great, the restaurant was packed and the food really hit the spot.  The Divas will definitely be back to visit Big, sit on their terrace and try out more of their seafood, including their seafood tower.  The Divas zoomed off, Sister-In-Law and Ivory walked home and Vegan Vixen and JB disappeared – another night, another story.


Our Rating: Always on Thursdays
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  1. Dahlia June 5, 2013 at 1:47 pm Reply

    Sounds like an exciting night! It’s always an adventure with the Divas.

  2. John July 15, 2013 at 1:15 pm Reply

    Too bad Lucille’s don’t take reservations! It’s a great place. Never been yet after their reopening… hopefully soon!

    P.S. Living in the Monkland Village, I’ve already seen the guy on the Segway and I can inform you that he has a walking handicap, that’s why he asked you to scoot over. 🙂

    • Food Divas July 17, 2013 at 12:24 am Reply

      We were so impressed by the Segway!!!! Thanks for the info

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  5. Jane June 23, 2015 at 9:14 pm Reply

    The worst arrogant service I have ever had and a waitress who tries to rip us off just because she thinks her pompous attitude scares people. What scares people is her short dress and no underwear and her clown make up. Stay as far away as you can from Lucilles.

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