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***Sadly this Restaurant is Closed***

We’re always running around so we appreciate finding new places to stop for a little indulgent break.  Not far from the Lionel Groulx metro on Atwater, is Libertine Bakehouse, a little bakery that’s quite the decorating paradox. This little bakery serves the daintiest pastries, but their décor has an edge with a skeleton in a chapeau that greets you inside, and is also incorporated in their logo.

Somehow the look comes together! We loved the minimal décor inside, complete with a green skeleton sporting a fedora and their antique cash register.  The service was extremely friendly and the atmosphere was very relaxed and welcoming.  This bakery has had rave reviews, so we were quite eager to see if it lived up to its reputation.

A breakfast sandwich is definitely a great way to start any morning!  A light and buttery brioche bun is filled with crisp, candied bacon, a sweet and tangy tomato chutney, lettuce and an egg.  It all comes together for a sweet and salty morning treat that you’ll want to have every morning!

“Breakfast Sandwich” 6.25$

It goes without saying that because they’re a bakery, the brioche in their breakfast sandwich was amazing. Just look at our picture of a brioche cut in half, those air bubbles help make it perfectly fluffy. Libertine Bakehouse takes fresh bread, or should we say fresh brioche, to the next level!


Diva #2 was joined by the Firm and Ms. Nightingale so we were able to try a variety of treats.  We started with a light and flaky scone, perfect to accompany our tea and cappuccinos.  The scone was flavoured with apple, cheddar and currants, a great combination of flavours.  The apple flavour was dominant and nicely balanced with the cheddar and sweetness of the currants.

“Apple, cheddar and currant scone $3.50”

But who is behind all this baking madness? Nick Kemball who began his career at Restaurant Europea, who became the pastry chef at Restaurant Toqué!, worked at Grumman 78 and Patrice Pâtissier. We won’t even go into his internship at a Michelin starred restaurant in New York City. Let’s just that a lot was expected of Libertine Bakehouse with Nick Kemball at its helm.

“Cannelé de Bordeaux” 2.95$

They don’t only make pastries, but chocolates and cake, perfect for every occasion! Predominantly a French pastry shop, Libertine Bakehouse is all about delicious pastries, but with a little Montreal pizazz. You can understand our excitement when our first pastry arrived at our table – it was met with glee!

“Chocolate Brioche” $3.25

The chocolate brioche is quite a marvel, how is it possible to have something so buttery be so light?  Chef Nick Kemball pulls it off beautifully, with several layers of delicate pastry, filled with a dark and rich chocolate ganache in the centre.  The top is lightly dusted with cocoa powder in case you needed another layer of chocolate – we always do!

“Tea” 3.00$
“Financier – pistachio, rose, and raspberry” $3.95

Not only are the financiers beautiful, but they’re equally delicious.  It was the perfect pairing of simple ingredients to create a stand out dessert that was not overdone in any one flavour.  The outside was crisp and the inside was filled with moist cake.  There was a hint of rosewater in the vanilla cake and the raspberry flavour came from the berry powder dusted generously on top.

“Cappuccino” 3.25$

Libertine Bakehouse is getting their coffee from Café Union and their teas from Camellia Sinensis. We tried both a cappuccino and a tea when we visited, and we’ll certainly be back for more! Nothing is worse than enjoying your dessert with a mediocre coffee or tea, especially in Montreal that is known for its great cafés.

“Paris brest” $4.95

The Paris brest is a classic French dessert and at Libertine Bakehouse, they add their own unique twist.  First, it is traditionally made in the shape of a circle.  At Libertine, it is an elongated slice of cake.  And the second twist is the addition of yuzu flavour.  The pastry bottom is light and layered with light and creamy praline cream that has a slight citrus flavour from the yuzu.  There is also a thin layer of hardened chocolate for texture and to enhance the praline flavour.

We loved Libertine Bakehouse, from the little decorative touches like the comical skeleton to the antique cash register.  We love that their counter is not over packed with treats, rather, they make them fresh throughout the day and replace whatever is missing.  This really showcases the quality of their treats. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere that’s perfect for catching up over coffee, taking a break from the hustle and bustle or just to chill.  We’ll definitely be back!

Our Rating: Always on Thursdays
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