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Believe it or not, women aren’t that complicated.  Or at least, The Divas are not that complicated.  We know what we like – fabulous food and drink, shoes and men who can handle us.  Though the latter is proving hard to find 😉

Suite 701, a favourite of The Divas and friends, has introduced Les Lundis Ladies First – a 5 à 7 tailored to women.  Located in Old Montreal on Côte de la Place d’Armes, Suite 701 caters to women with a special menu, cocktails, DJ Elleven (who was spinning some great music when we were there) and a manicure station courtesy of Rainspa, which has a permanent location inside the Place d’Armes Hotel next door.

Suite 701, Montreal

The idea is simple – Suite 701 picks up the bill for any pair of ladies splitting a bottle of wine or ordering two cocktails each.  Little do they know how practiced the Divas are in the art of drinking thanks to our dear friend Zeus!

Though the “Ladies First” and “Sweetheart” cocktails sounded lovely, we opted for a bottle of white wine, the Sauvignon Blanc, Les Piliers (44$).  By some small miracle, we were early and had to wait to order our meal.  But we were also hungry and feared polishing off the bottle of wine before even placing our order so Diva #2 advised her partner in crime to drink responsibly and to eat the bread and butter at our table, and we also ordered a dozen oysters to tide us over.  No surprise there!

“Raspberry Point Oysters – on the half shell accompanied by condiments” 6/14$

“Raspberry Point Oysters – on the half shell accompanied by condiments” 6/14$

The oysters were Raspberry Point and were offered with three different condiments:  the traditional red wine mignonette, cucumber, or mojito style.  We chose to take half with cucumber and half prepared mojito style.  Though they were slightly warm when served, they were fresh and plump and filled with salty brininess.  We would have liked them a touch cooler. The diced cucumber added a new texture and freshness, the mojito topping was our favourite, with plenty of mint and a segments of citrus.

“Salmon Tartare – Brioche and Dill Cream”

“Salmon Tartare – Brioche and Dill Cream”

The special ladies night menu offered a choice of two appetizers and two mains.  We decided to try both appetizers, even though one was a salad.  We started with the salmon tartare, served on a black slate plate.  Beautifully plated, the cubes of salmon were room temperature and dressed ever so lightly, there were some scattered croutons made from buttery brioche and little dollops of dill cream.

“Mesclun Salad – Beet Dressing and Crispy Tortilla”

“Mesclun Salad – Beet Dressing and Crispy Tortilla”

You know how we feel about salad but we decided to give this one a try and we surprised ourselves, we really enjoyed it.   The spinach was crisp and the frisé added a touch of bitterness, the julienned beets added crunch and the strips of tortilla added the saltiness to bring everything together.

In between appetizers and mains, we gossiped, plotted and tried our best to solve our Diva-life problems.  We also kept our eyes on the hockey game (though we somehow completely missed one of the goals) and as Mr. Sheffield pointed out, “only you people would watch the hockey game at Suite 701”.  Only us indeed! We aren’t ones for grimy bars and beer – ugh!

“Mushroom Risotto – Spinach and Parmesan”

 Again, two mains were offered on the special Ladies First menu, mushroom risotto or a roasted chicken breast, we both opted for the mushroom risotto.  Again, beautifully plated, the risotto was rich and creamy, though it could have used a bit more salt.  The mushrooms were plentiful, and included large slices of king oyster mushrooms and plenty of bright green spinach.  Both Divas cleaned their plate!

As we finished our wine and continued chatting, we took a minute to send our love via social media to our dear Sensei whom we missed terribly.  It’s hard to explain how much love we have for him but he truly is a treasure in our eyes and any woman would be lucky to have him, though they have to get through us first!

“Le Place d’Armes – Our 9 layers signature cake, butter cream assortments, pistachios, fleur de sel caramel and almonds” 10$

“Le Place d’Armes – Our 9 layers signature cake, butter cream assortments, pistachios, fleur de sel caramel and almonds” 10$

We looked over the dessert menu and asked our waitress for a recommendation.  She suggested the famous 9-layer cake which was delicious.  Layers of vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate and red velvet cake were held together by luscious buttercream frosting between each layer.  It was decadent, paired well with our Grand Marnier on ice and a perfect way to end our Ladies First meal.

Grand Marnier

Grand Marnier

Another night of great food and company was complete.  On our way out, we made sure to thank the manager, Olivier, for treating us like queens!   We highly recommend treating yourself to Les Lundis Ladies First, in The Divas’ opinion, it’s a great way to start any week! It definitely made the rest of the long week easier to handle, good food and alcohol tends to do that 😉

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