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What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word buffet?  Overindulgence?  Heat lamps?  Salt overdose? Not the most appealing words but rest assured, there is a lunch buffet in downtown Montreal that will change the way you look at buffets.

Since 1985, Le Taj has been serving some of the best authentic Indian cuisine in downtown Montreal.  As Diva #2 and the Firm were walking towards the restaurant, we could smell the lovely aromas wafting our way as we got closer.

“Onion bahji/pakoras” 6$

During the lunch hour, along with their à la carte menu, Le Taj offers a lunch buffet complete with soups, salads and two of their staple dishes, Tandoori chicken and naan, all for 17.95$.  We started with the onion bahjis, little flat discs of crispy onions and chickpea flour, deep fried to perfection.  Though they were piled high at the buffet, they retained their crispy texture.  A little dollop of yogurt on top made the perfect start to our lunch.

“Samosa” 6$

The samosas are a must!  The samosas served during the lunch buffet at Le Taj are vegetarian and we’re particularly fond of the tamarind sauce as an accompaniment.  Filled generously, the outside dough is chewy and the vegetables inside the samosa still have some bite to them.  We could have easily had more of these!

“Mixed vegetable curry” 15$

This is a great way to eat your vegetables.  Forget about bland and overcooked buffet style vegetables, these mixed veggies were lovely! The veggies included cauliflower, potatoes, green beans, and tomatoes that were cooked in a little bit of curry giving the cauliflower and potatoes a yellow hue, and plenty of that Indian flavor. The acidic tomatoes mellow out the curry, making for a great side dish.

“Beef curry” 18$

The lunch buffet offered a beef curry, which we spooned over our fluffy basmati rice.  The meat was tender and the sauce was rich, but it thankfully didn’t feel heavy.  We loved scooping up the sauce of the beef curry with the naan bread.

“Fish tikka” 22$

In addition to the staple of Indian cuisine, tandoori chicken, there was also salmon cooked in a tandoor oven.  The salmon was a bright orange in colour, and the marinade was made up of cumin, coriander and chili.  Maybe because it was left uncovered at the buffet table, we found the fish a little on the dry side. The flavours were decent but it lacked a punch of spice, this was definitely not our favourite dish.

“Tandoori chicken: 19$

Like the salmon cooked in the tandoor oven, the chicken had a bright orange colour as well.  Served with sliced onions and bell peppers, the chicken was tender and had a slight smoky flavor as well.  Again, not as spicy as we expected it to be, we still enjoyed every bite!

We were quite happy with our very filling lunch that included many trips to the buffet.  The buffet is a great way to be introduced to various Indian dishes or simply to indulge in a satisfying lunch before heading back to the office.  Le Taj offers authentic Indian cuisine in downtown Montreal!

Our Rating: As Expected

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