Le Smoking BBQ

We first tasted Le Smoking BBQ in 2013 when we went on a food truck crawl and tried their pulled pork poutine. We fell in love right then and there! Now two years later they opened a little BBQ restaurant in downtown Montreal, where you order at the counter, and you eat at the communal tables. Very casual and fun. There is even a bar in the back to stay appropriately lubricated.

Le Smoking BBQ, Montreal Southern Restaurant - Food Truck

Le Smoking BBQ Food Truck

Diva #1 and Sweet Pea were having an awful week and relished the opportunity to have some good ol’ southern BBQ. Le Smoking BBQ has a lengthy menu with the usual beef brisket, pork ribs and pulled pork. But they have a few surprises like smoked sausage, smoked chicken and poutines with almost any of the meats available. The poutines with plenty of BBQ meat are the perfect mix of Quebec meeting the Deep South.

Le Smoking BBQ, Montreal Southern Restaurant - Inside

We started with two cocktails, the bourbon lemonade was our favourite of the two. A huge jug of homemade lemonade teased us on the counter where you ordered your food. It was delicious and refreshing, only made better by the addition of bourbon. The bourbon Caesar packed a lunch, and the rim was spicy, an ode to southern cuisine.

“Bourbon Caesar” “Bourbon Lemonade”

“Bourbon Caesar”
“Bourbon Lemonade”

The pulled pork or brisket sandwiches looked divine but we opted for the “2 meats + 1 side” platter so that we can really try a bit of everything. But damn those sandwiches looked good! There were other combos with more sides or more meat, everything at Le Smoking BBQ is very customizable. We chose the beef brisket and pulled pork with fries – other sides included potato salad, corn bread, etc.

“2 meats + 1 side” 12.99$ “Fried chicken” 2.99$ /piece “Mac & Cheese Waffle” 8.99$ “Corn bread” 0.99$

“2 meats + 1 side” 12.99$
“Fried chicken” 2.99$ /piece
“Mac & Cheese Waffle” 8.99$
“Corn bread” 0.99$

They offered us the brisket in fatty or lean and they explained that we simply had to get it fatty, all the flavour is in the melted fat coating the meat. We loved it, especially when dipped in one of the three BBQ sauces that sat on every communal table: Coffee BBQ sauce, Spicy BBQ sauce and original BBQ. Our favourite was a mix of the coffee BBQ sauce and spicy BBQ for a little extra punch. We were even brought a variety of mayos to enjoy our fries with, our favourite being the chipotle mayo – obviously!

Le Smoking BBQ, Montreal Southern Restaurant

The pulled pork wasn’t swimming in BBQ sauce which is exactly how we like our pulled pork! But the brisket was our favourite of the two meats. We also ordered two pieces of fried chicken on the side, they arrived a little cold, but the skin was perfectly crispy and delicious. It paired perfectly with the spicy mustard that was sitting on our table! We also had a piece of corn bread, which we often find dry and unappetizing, but was absolutely delightful at Le Smoking BBQ.

“2 meats + 1 side” 12.99$ “Fried chicken” 2.99$ /piece “Mac & Cheese Waffle” 8.99$ “Corn bread” 0.99$

“2 meats + 1 side” 12.99$
“Fried chicken” 2.99$ /piece
“Mac & Cheese Waffle” 8.99$
“Corn bread” 0.99$

And we saved the best for last, we loved their mac & cheese waffle, a twist on the usual southern mac n’ cheese. At Le Smoking BBQ, mac & cheese is coated in batter, splattered on a waffle iron to sizzling perfection. No maple syrup is needed for this waffle, it’s just that cheesy and good. Le Smoking BBQ is a wonderful rustic bar and restaurant with affordable Southern treats in downtown Montreal. We left with a food belly, very full and satisfied!


Our Rating: Splendid

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