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Every city has a signature dish that they are famous for, New England has clam chowder, St. Louis for toasted ravioli, New Orleans for Po’ boys, Montreal for poutine, etc. Philadelphia is home to the beloved and famous Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. Ask anyone from Philly, and there is no substitute, many other cities have tried to replicate it…and failed. Some come close, but the bread has to be a certain way, the steak cooked just right and the cheese is key!

Le Phillies Cheesesteak, Montreal Restaurant - InsideSadly we haven’t been to Philly, so we are not experts on the perfect Philly cheesesteak sandwich. Le Phillies Cheesesteak opened in the Mile End (Outremont) on St. Viateur in hopes of bringing a little bit of brotherly love to Montreal! Open mainly as a lunch spot, Le Phillies Cheesesteak is open Monday to Saturday until 7:30 pm. On a Saturday afternoon, not too early because none of us are early risers, the Divas met up with the St. Lau boys, and some of their girls.

“Bâtonnets de Fromage Style “Philly” Cheese Sticks: Servi avec Sauce Marinara” 4 for 4.95$

“Bâtonnets de Fromage Style “Philly” Cheese Sticks: Servi avec Sauce Marinara” 4 for 4.95$

Le Phillies Cheesesteak menu is straightforward. You have your choice of cheese steak sandwich (or chicken if you prefer – we don’t!), roast pork as well as sides that include regular fries, cheese fries or steak cheesefries, a salad or mozzarella sticks. We couldn’t resist the mozzarella sticks, they are a childhood classic! Large pieces of mozzarella with a crunchy cornflake-like coating were deep fried and served with a cold marinara salsa. Eating them made us feel like kids again and they were absolutely delicious!

“Steak and Provolone with Onions and Mushrooms” 9.75$ (extra 0.25$)

“Steak and Provolone with Onions and Mushrooms” 9.75$ (extra 0.25$)

We tried two versions of the cheese steak sandwich.   The first was the cheese steak with provolone cheese, onions and mushrooms, which can be added to any of the sandwiches at an extra charge. It was good, though we felt like there could have been more cheese, it wasn’t creamy enough. The bread did soak up the juices, without getting soggy, and the mushrooms were cut in large chunks so they weren’t lost in the steak and onions.

“Original Steak Whiz (with onions)” 9.75$

“Original Steak Whiz (with onions)” 9.75$

The original cheese steak sandwich is the way to go if you really want a taste of Philly pride. We preferred the original Cheez Whiz steak sandwich, to the one with provolone. Made with bright yellow Cheez Whiz, the sauce melts onto the meat and bread, which adds that unique taste that makes the sandwich so good. Again, the bread soaks up the juices that aren’t dribbling down your hand and the onions add a nice little extra crunch and flavour. We also added hot peppers to ours because we like it spicy. And we washed it all down with a cherry cola to boot. Our American neighbours would be proud of Montrealers!

Le Phillies Cheesesteak, Montreal Restaurant - GrillThe sandwiches are rather large, with lots of steak, and we were definitely full. One of the St. Lau boys also enjoyed the cheese fries, but he suggested that the cheeseteak would have been better if they grilled the bread and buttered it up a bit. Apparently this feature is an integral part of a traditional Philly cheesesteak sandwich and it was lacking at Le Phillies Cheesesteak. This little lunch spot is a welcomed addition to the busy St. Viateur street. While the Divas haven’t had an original cheesesteak, we’re sure that Montreal’s “Original Steak Whiz” will satisfy your Philly Cheesesteak craving!


Our Rating: As Expected


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  1. Dahlia December 4, 2014 at 3:16 pm Reply

    Sounds like a fun new spot!

  2. Joe December 15, 2014 at 1:07 pm Reply

    These cheesesteaks aren’t the real deal, they crisp fry their steak way too much and they don’t put enough meat in those huge buns. All ones tastes is bread, hopefully they change and get it right soon.

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