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The Divas love recommendations, and when you steer us in the right direction once, we are eager to see what is next.  Earlier in the year, Diva #1 had been to Chien Fumant and had had a delicious blood sausage dish. Other exciting items on the menu included pig tail and a platter for two serving duck in 3 different ways. Unfortunately when the Divas decided to go to Chien Fumant those anticipated dishes did not appear on the chalkboard menu. This is both the beauty and the apprehension surrounding restaurants with a chalkboard menu; there are no guarantees that you will love what is on the menu, especially if you’re a finicky eater (aka pathetic).

On her first visit Diva #1 had tried the “Calmars Chinatown” 16$, and though calamari is best saved for Greek / Italian restaurants, this calamari was uniquely tossed in a sweet / sour Asiatic inspired sauce. This is different than the traditional marinara sauce (Italian) or tzatziki (Greek) methods of serving calamari. This dish was again on the menu and though it was great, we felt experimental and tried other things. The Divas opted for a main dish and several appetizers to try as many dishes as possible at Chien Fumant whose tag line is: «mieux vaut la tête de chien que la queue de lion.» Right away a huge chunk (literally it was a chunk) of fresh bread arrived with butter and we devoured it. The Divas had had a tiring day at work so we needed to bitch and let off some steam with bottles of wine and good food…and more wine 😉

We started with a beef carpaccio and bone marrow appetizer. The horseradish drizzle with capers and a spicy sauce added to this carpaccio dish. The bone marrow was cooked to perfection, moist and the amount of marrow was impressive for this usually tiny dish. Divas like strange food and though people often steer away from bone marrow due to its texture, the Divas wondered if they should order another serving…

“carpaccio et moelle” $17

Our second appetizer was roasted quail topping eggplant parmesan. It was served in a cast iron dish and the quail was tasty and unique. Unfortunately the eggplant parmesan was ordinary and did not suit the quail it was served under. We wanted extraordinary! Nevertheless it was an enjoyable dish which incorporated unique and unexpected flavours.

“Caille désossés & aubergine au parmesan.” 15$

We then ordered the charcuterie plate (when in Rome…) which arrived with chorizo, turkey terrine, a pickle, grainy mustard à l’ancienne (looked homemade and tasted better), sopresatto and salami; served with 2 small sweet breads. Perhaps we should specify that by sweet breads we do not mean lamb innards (sweetbreads), although we would have loved some, but bread that tastes sweet. We were told that the charcuterie plate changes depending on the week and comes in different serving sizes. The cold cuts are made in house and were very flavourful.  Clients at Chien Fumant should take advantage of the fact that they smoke their own meats and enjoy their charcuterie styled dishes. This made us yearn for the elusive pig tail all the more… but it just gives us an excuse to come back.

Charcuterie Platter: chorizo, turkey terrine, a pickle, grainy mustard à l’ancienne, sopresatto and salami, served with two buns

Our final plate was a delicious duck dish served with cherries, lentils and green beans. The dish was flavoured with anise, which was not overpowering, but a delicious addition. The lentils were still chewy (not mushy) and the green beans crisp. The amount of cherries was also impressive and they were perfectly cooked and not too sweet. The anise sauce was so tasty that we could not stop dunking our bread into it, although I am surprised that the menu/waiter did not mention anise since many people do not like the spice due to its particular flavouring.

“Canard à la cerise, lentilles et haricots verts” $26

We enjoyed this delicious meal with a 2010 French Saumur white wine that the waiter recommended and we drunk away merrily. For dessert we indulged in a strawberry bavarois, a French delicacy. It is a swirled sponge cake layered with cream and fresh strawberry coulis, with a puddle of coulis on top. A knife is not needed to cut through this moist cake and we could not even finish it! Their dessert menu was plentiful and had desserts for one or to share, just like their menu.  Other desserts included a pear charlotte, a peach melba, a chocolate tart, etc. We will be back to sample them all!

“Bavarois à la fraise” 12$

This was a great experience and though we were disappointed that we did not try pig tails or ears (or any other appendage), or the duck served in three ways, we were not disappointed with our options. Definitely a restaurant to return to, especially in the cold winter months when one tends to enjoy rich protein filled foods! This restaurant is not for the faint of heart but that is what the Montreal Food Divas specialize in.

Our Rating: Splendid

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  1. A October 22, 2012 at 1:34 pm Reply

    Hello again Divas,

    Another excellent review of a pretty unique restaurant, even if the name throws you for a loop.

    I would try this restaurant just to savor their homemade meats…some good bread, olives, assortment of cheeses and a nice bottle (divas style) of red wine. I don’t think you would need anything else.

    Keep up the great reviews.


  2. Dahlia October 22, 2012 at 5:55 pm Reply

    Good job girls!

    You made even the appendages sound appetizing!

    I will definitely be going back for that dessert now!

  3. tk February 1, 2013 at 2:02 pm Reply

    been debating whether i should try this resto or not? how’s the food?

    • Food Divas February 1, 2013 at 6:55 pm Reply

      The food is wonderful, especially the meat dishes like their blood sausage and the charcuterie plate. Their chalkboard menu changes often and you have to reserve in advance, but you should go. Scroll up for our review on what we ate that night!

  4. Le Chien Fumant II | Montreal Food Divas January 9, 2015 at 10:10 am Reply

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