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Le Cheese is a casse croute in NDG, as well as a Food Truck that can be found spreading cheesy goodness all over town. We had already fallen in love with their Philly Cheese Steak sub from their Food Truck, but now they have a little casse croute to satisfy your needs all year round. A casse croute is the Quebecker term for a snack bar and what’s more comforting than a gooey grilled cheese sandwich? We certainly don’t know! If you follow the Divas you know that we love a good grilled cheese sandwich.

Le Cheese, NDG Montreal Restaurant - Grilled Cheese

Bacon Grilled Cheese

Le Cheese invited us for a tasting for their “Le Cheese 30 pour 30” event, with a different grilled cheese being served every day all month long. This grilled cheese festival is about satisfying that grilled cheese craving and it’s all about you dear readers. Le Cheese loves their clients so much that this list of specialty sandwiches was made by their clients via twitter or email by using the hashtag #BetweenTwoBreads to choose their favourite Le Cheese grilled cheese Sandwich. If that isn’t a mouthful we don’t know what is.

“Soupe aux Tomates”

“Soupe aux Tomates”

What goes absolutely majestically with a grilled cheese sandwich? Tomato soup. Every Le Cheese grilled cheese is made with slices of challah bread and it’s absolute perfection to enjoy each bite of grilled cheese after you dunk it in their tomato soup. Better than what grandma ever made, Le Cheese’s tomato soup is the perfect side dish for your sandwich.

“Tater Tots”

“Tater Tots”

Buddies Ben and Pascal make you feel like you’re visiting them in their home when you see them at Le Cheese. We started our cheesy adventure with their tater tots and we fell in love. These fried tots are piping hot and bursting with melted cheese. Served with a spicy mayo, they brought out their Royal Sauce (yes they are making a Pulp Fiction reference which burns our loins), for a different dipping experience.

“Le Poulet Frit: Poulet Frit + Cheddar Orange #BetweenTwoBreads”

“Le Poulet Frit: Poulet Frit + Cheddar Orange #BetweenTwoBreads”

This simple little casse croute has some pretty fabulous grilled cheese sandwiches. We adored their fried chicken grilled cheese. Plenty of crispy fried chicken was smothered in melted orange cheddar cheese for that perfect bite. Wash it down with a Stewart’s black cherry cola and you’re instantly grinning from ear to ear.

“Le Meatloaf: Pain de Viande + Cheddar Orange #BetweenTwoBreads”

“Le Meatloaf: Pain de Viande + Cheddar Orange #BetweenTwoBreads”

Ben and Pascal spoiled us by bringing us a variety of different grilled cheese sandwiches for us to try. One of them was the meatloaf grilled cheese which is exactly that, a thick slice of your Canadian grandmother’s meatloaf with orange cheddar in between two breads. We had ethnic grandmothers from the old country, but we know that nice Canadian grandmothers make meatloaf, it’s too bad that Ben and Pascal do it better. Sorry grandma!

“Le Cheeseburger: Viande Hachée + Moutarde Relish + Oignons + Cheddar Orange #BetweenTwoBreads” “Le Batman: Bacon + Avocat + Tomate + Cheddar Blanc #BetweenTwoBreads”

“Le Cheeseburger: Viande Hachée + Moutarde Relish + Oignons + Cheddar Orange #BetweenTwoBreads”
“Le Batman: Bacon + Avocat + Tomate + Cheddar Blanc #BetweenTwoBreads”

Similar to their meatloaf grilled cheese but with a little more dimension was the cheeseburger grilled cheese with minced meat, mustard, relish, onions and orange cheddar. The onions were a lovely touch and we lathered this sandwich in the hot sauce that was teasing us on the table.

The Batman grilled cheese is a popular choice at Le Cheese; bacon, avocado, tomato and white cheddar are the perfect combination in this unique grilled cheese. This was definitely one of our favourites!

Fried Cheesecake

Fried Cheesecake

But what about dessert? Fret not, the boys have you covered with their fried cheesecake. As if cheesecake wasn’t decadent enough they created bite sized fried little desserts for us to try.

So many options, we also see smoked meat, maple ham, pierogies and other strange combos between two breads on Le Cheese’s Menu for their 30 pour 30 November event.

Mac n' Cheese

Mac n’ Cheese

Cheese lovers can find a place that they call home at Le Cheese. And if we weren’t full enough, we were given the cutest little Chinese takeout containers with their signature mac n’ cheese that you probably know from their Food Truck. They packed us a lunch for the next day, how lovely! Their mac n’ cheese has peas and those crispy little bits that change the texture of the dish in the most important way. But because we’re gluttons we couldn’t even wait to eat it the next day, we ate it on the car ride home. Full Divas are happy Divas! November isn’t done yet, hurry up and go to Le Cheese to try their specialty grilled cheese sandwiches


Our Rating: Splendid

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