Inferno II

Everyone has that one friend they always have a good time with but manage to get into trouble with. For Diva #2, that friend is Sabo, and even though we lost touch for a while, we seemed to have picked up right where we left off!

We had a lot of catching up to do so dinner and drinks were a must. The Divas hadn’t been to Inferno in a long time, we were due for a visit! We love that they change up their menu every couple of weeks to keep things fresh and in tune with the season.

Inferno, Montreal Italian Restaurant - Beef sliders

“Beef Sliders: Old cheddar, homemade relish, matchstick fries” 15$

We decided to split an appetizer, and at the suggestion of Chris, who took care of our table, we settled on the beef sliders. What made Inferno’s sliders so very different from regular sliders was the meat. Made with tender and flavourful rib meat, and topped with peppers, melted cheese and caramelized onions, it had an Italian sausage and peppers sandwich feel to it.   There were two to a serving with matchstick fries that Sabo said were a little limp, and reminded her of an ex. Never mind that! But we ate them anyway.

“Kale Pesto Linguini: sautéed chicken hearts, topped with smoked hazelnuts” 22$

“Kale Pesto Linguini: sautéed chicken hearts, topped with smoked hazelnuts” 22$

Every time Chris came back to our table, we were saying something inappropriate, he was actually blushing on occasion. He was brave enough to come back with shots, which we gladly accepted. As if we needed to be anymore lubricated? We were on our second order of cocktails and our mains soon arrived.

We tried the kale pesto linguini with chicken hearts, it made Diva #2 happy because Sabo was trying something new (though it may have been only to impress Chris). The pesto was lighter than the usual, the hazelnuts added a new dimension we loved and the chicken hearts? You would never have guessed you were eating offal. Our only complaint was that the pasta was a little thick for linguini but we licked the plate clean!

“Grilled calamari on squash and bacon risotto: Garnished with a spicy breadcrumb” 25$

“Grilled calamari on squash and bacon risotto: Garnished with a spicy breadcrumb” 25$

Not only did the plate of risotto look like a work of art, it was absolutely delicious! The risotto was creamy and the portion of grilled calamari was more than generous. The smoky flavour of the calamari really came through in this dish. There was thinly sliced rainbow beets which stained parts of the risotto with a blush of pink; they also added a little crunch and sweetness to the dish.

Our waiter Chris swung by our table and told us that he was choosing our dessert; sometimes we don’t mind a man who takes charge. And maybe based on the loud snippets that he overheard – sex, exes, and questionable decisions – he felt chocolate was what we needed.

“Brownie double chocolate” 9$

“Brownie double chocolate” 9$

The brownie was pure decadence. Served with vanilla ice cream and a chocolate drizzle, the brownie was fudgy and dense, and easily one of the best brownies we’ve ever had. We ended our night next door at Caffé San Simeon, making new friends and drinking coffee.

It was a long overdue reunion for Diva #2 and Sabo. We used to cause trouble once upon a time and things were no different on this night! Inferno offers a changing menu which keeps things fresh and interesting, for both the kitchen and the clients. You’ll never get tired of them because they don’t have a static menu. The service is hard to beat, the atmosphere is fun, and the food is delicious! The Divas will certainly be stopping in again, sooner rather than later per fare bordell!


Our Rating: Always on Thursday
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  1. James November 15, 2015 at 5:25 am Reply

    Great review! I love the fact that they always have a new & changing menu… every time I go for supper there is always something new to try. Except for nonna’s trippa wich is always a great appetizer The appetizer is a large bowl of the thinly-sliced honeycombed meat, awash in an amazing marinara. I didn’t think I could finish it all, but it was too tasty not to.
    Inferno rules!

  2. […] Nick De Palma of Inferno really puts a lot of love into his food and that was evident with the cannelloni filled with root […]

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