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Sweet Pea of was invited to a dinner at the House of Jazz in Laval. She lovingly brought along Diva #1, P’tit Soeur, Chomedey’s Double D and one of our favourite Vortex Survivors. He was stuck with four women and he could easily handle us all, he’s THAT marvelous. But enough about him, let’s talk about Laval’s House of Jazz.

House of Jazz, Laval, Montreal Restaurant - Music Stage

The décor is absolutely gorgeous, with chandeliers hanging everywhere, and a stage that takes up a large part of the restaurant and can house a whole jazz band and singer. We were sitting in the mezzanine facing the band below us, loving the singer’s voice, which resonated perfectly and we were soon barely talking and just enjoying the show. A rarity to see Diva #1 silent!

“Green salad”

“Green salad”

We were offered the table d’hôte menu which began with a soup or salad, and Diva #1 opted for the green salad that was fresh and light. We aren’t ones to complain about service but the wait between the first course and the second course was ridiculous. The restaurant is large which complicates service but because of the live jazz band you should not be in a rush but instead you should enjoy a leisurely dinner. Unfortunately this was a bit too leisurely and we were soon asking for more bread because we were getting hungry.

“Guinea fowl cooked sous-vide, potato cream, leek confit, fried Roman gnocchi” 36$

“Guinea fowl cooked sous-vide, potato cream, leek confit, fried Roman gnocchi” 36$

The guinea fowl was cooked sous vide and it had the crispiest skin. Typically dryer than chicken, the meat was tender and had that nice gamy taste associated with this type of bird. It was very good and we enjoyed it with the fried Roman gnocchi. Roman gnocchi are made with semolina flour and typically fried. They don’t taste like traditional gnocchi, but they are very tasty and they added a nice crunch to the dish. The leek confit was an unnecessary part of the dish, but the potato cream added a nice velvety element.

“Rack of pork, barley stew, marinated mushroom, mint and parsley gremolata” 32$

“Rack of pork, barley stew, marinated mushroom, mint and parsley gremolata” 32$

The rack of pork was tender but the guinea fowl was the better of the two meat dishes. A barley stew topped the rack of pork with marinated mushrooms, and a dollop of mint and parsley gremolata. A little more of the gremolata would have enhanced the taste of the pork, and the barley stew lacked in salt and flavour.

House of Jazz, Laval, Montreal Restaurant

Felix Stussi, a jazz pianist and his trio took over the stage during our visit. Later in the night Michelle Sweeney took the stage and sang her heart out, wowing us all. We wouldn’t really return for the food at the House of Jazz in Laval, but we would definitely return for the live show and wine. It’s definitely an experience, and something different from the usual dinner in a restaurant. If Laval is too far for you, there is also a House of Jazz in downtown Montreal.


Our Rating: As Expected
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Comments: 2

  1. Dahlia March 18, 2016 at 12:27 pm Reply

    The atmosphere and music is great!

  2. Ella Bazlov December 4, 2016 at 10:11 pm Reply

    DEcember 4,it was my birthday in HOUSE OF JAZZ in Downtown.
    Terrible food, cake that I got was like a stone…ketchup withblack roasted ribs came in plastic like in Mac Donalds….
    My gests were very unhappy.
    I never come anymore and I tell to all my friends never make dinner in House of Jazz….

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