Hiro’s Yakko-San, Miami Beach, FL

P’tit Soeur had gone to Florida a month before returning with Diva #1 and Sweet Pea. On her last visit, she tried Hiro’s Yakko-San sushi and throughout the trip she kept insisting that we had to try this phenomenal restaurant. After a long and troublesome day, the girls were in desperate need of a girls’ night out with plenty of alcohol and a fabulous dinner. We got dressed up and headed to Yakko-San to enjoy some of the best sushi that we have ever tried.

Hiro’s Yakko-San

We started with a bottle of white Pinot Grigio to loosen our tongues and enjoy our night. We discussed P’tit Soeur’s beau, Sweet Pea’s new single life and Diva #1’s many plots. The miso soup was delicious, as expected, very rich and flavourful with a tasty broth. Nothing surprised us there and it started our Japanese meal in Miami Beach quite well.

“Pinot Grigio 2012” & “Miso Soup” 2.00$

“Pinot Grigio 2012” & “Miso Soup” 2.00$

The first appetizer that arrived at our table changed our love of tuna sashimi and guacamole forever. The tuna guacamole was made up of thin slices of tuna rolled up with very smooth and creamy guacamole and decorated with a pesto and balsamic glaze. Words cannot describe how much we loved this appetizer. We considered ordering a second serving but since it was the beginning of our meal we restrained ourselves. The balsamic glaze was sweet and perfectly paired with the pesto. For some reason the menu said that this appetizer had a wasabi mustard aioli, but we assure you that on this night it was, in fact, pesto. To put it in Sweet Pea’s words “I want it in my mouth all over again.” She continually exclaimed this in reference to this appetizer later on in our condo, on instagram and the next day. Needless to say that she has adapted to the single life quite easily 😉

“Tuna Guacamole: guacamole rolled with tuna, wasabi mustard aioli, balsamico glaze” 14.50$

“Tuna Guacamole: guacamole rolled with tuna, wasabi mustard aioli, balsamico glaze” 14.50$

We also ordered the sashimi appetizer that came with two red tuna, two salmon and two Hamachi sashimi. The fish was very fresh and the pieces were cut in thick rectangles and triangles, as opposed to the more typical rounded pieces of sashimi. We had never tried Hamachi sashimi and it was very fresh tasting and enjoyable. This sashimi appetizer is perfect for someone who wants to try a few types of sashimi before starting their meal.

“Sashimi Appetizer: 2 tuna, 2 salmon and 2 Hamachi” 12.50$

“Sashimi Appetizer: 2 tuna, 2 salmon and 2 Hamachi” 12.50$

P’tit Soeur swore by the lobster tempura and roll and insisted that we get it. We were not expecting such a beautifully presented dish. Five pieces of lobster tempura sushi were strong tasting and rolled with lettuce and avocado, while masago rimmed the roll. Diva #1 was worried that the tempura would overshadow the taste of the lobster but this was not the case at all. If that wasn’t enough, the tail’s shell decorated the center of the dish with pieces of lobster tempura stuffed in it and a tantalizing sauce on top. The lobster tempura and roll could only be described as decadent and we are almost positive that Sweet Pea wanted this in her mouth all over again too.

“Lobster Tempura and Roll: Tail tempura bite and roll” 23.00$

“Lobster Tempura and Roll: Tail tempura bite and roll” 23.00$

When in Rome… or in this case Florida, order king crab. Florida is known for its king crab and this sushi was rolled with king crab meat, avocado, cucumber, mayo and tobiko. Light on the mayo, which can be overpowering, this sushi was delightful and refreshing. Very different from the lobster tempura sushi that we started our meal with, this was a lighter option.

We also ordered the crunchy spicy tuna which was one of our top favourites of the night. The eight sushi pieces were generously stuffed with red tuna as well as crispy rice and scallions. Masago decorated the outside of this sushi roll and we were soon fighting over the last piece.

“King Crab Roll: crab meat, avocado, cucumber, mayo and tobiko” 12.00 “Crunchy Spicy Tuna: Crispy rice, scallions and masago” 6.00$

“King Crab Roll: crab meat, avocado, cucumber, mayo and tobiko” 12.00
“Crunchy Spicy Tuna: Crispy rice, scallions and masago” 6.00$

Our last sushi was the shrimp tempura roll; this is a more common option that can be found on many sushi menus. The shrimp was fresh and not overshadowed by the tempura. These eight sushis were stuffed with lettuce, avocado and spicy mayo and were fresh and tasty.

We were getting louder, drunker and, for all intents and purposes, we were making a scene. The chef from the open kitchen saluted us and sent a little amuse bouche our way. It was very spicy; it was a fish purée on a slice of cucumber with a jalapeno on top. If that wasn’t hot enough, the seeds of the jalapeno were sprinkled on top of this little bite. We thanked the chef and enjoyed this spicy treat. Even Sweet Pea, who used to find ketchup spicy, ate it.

“Shrimp Tempura Roll: lettuce, avocado and spicy mayo” 8.00$  Chef’s Choice

“Shrimp Tempura Roll: lettuce, avocado and spicy mayo” 8.00$
Chef’s Choice

We were so full but excited to try our last plate, the nigiri. We ordered salmon, king crab, conch and Hokki clam. Clam and conch were the most interesting and original, especially the clam which had a unique flavour and texture. The salmon and king crab were fresh and as expected, but the clam and conch added a new element to our palates that were overwrought with so many new experiences.

“Nigiri: Salmon” 2.50$  & “Nigiri: King Crab” 4.00$  “Nigiri: Conch” 2.50$  & “Nigiri: Hokki Clam” 3.00$

“Nigiri: Salmon” 2.50$ & “Nigiri: King Crab” 4.00$
“Nigiri: Conch” 2.50$ & “Nigiri: Hokki Clam” 3.00$

We were full but we just had to try their dessert. We ordered the banana tempura and had them change the vanilla ice cream for more delicious green tea ice cream. We told them not to put any whipped cream and they added two chocolate wafers to enjoy with this dessert. The bananas were lightly fried and not too oily or over cooked. The banana tempura was delicious and even better when coupled with the green tea ice cream. We were full but we finished the entire dessert which would have been quite large for one person.

“Banana Tempura: with green tea ice cream” 5.00$

“Banana Tempura: with green tea ice cream” 5.00$

The night ended with P’tit Soeur ordering sake bombs; for those who have not tasted this interesting drink it is composed of a glass of beer and a balanced shot glass of sake on chopsticks over the beer. The drinker then pounds on the table until the sake bomb spills into the beer, usually resulting in a mess and a delightful drink. We all had our sake bombs, and then another round, and if this wasn’t enough we also ordered two rounds of shots from the bar. Diva #1 asked the bartender for something sour and dirty and that is exactly what we got. He made Kamikaze shots for us which he told us had watermelon, vodka, triple sec and lime juice. They were amazing and addictive! We need to get these recreated in Montreal.

Kamikaze Shots & Sake Bombs

Kamikaze Shots & Sake Bombs

After a bottle of wine, two sake bombs each and two shots each we were happy with life. We all left much cheerier than when we came in, so much so that we decided to forsake our cab ride and walk to our condo. We went through the bushes of the parking lot to avoid going around, climbed a grassy hill onto an overpass – once again to avoid the longer, more convenient route – went over the bridge that had a warning sign that it could open for ships, and killed ourselves walking to the condo in heels. According to Google Maps, it was supposed to be a 15 minute walk but it felt like 45 minutes and we were soon questioning our judgment and nursing blisters. But the view from the bridge was wonderful!

Florida View

We were still drunk when we got to our condo so we chatted with the man at the front desk who had said it was impossible to do the walk from Yakko-San… well by chat we mean that we yelled at him that we had done it, while laughing, while he shook his head and went back to his confused client. We were still drunk and high off of life so we proceeded to crash a party in our condo complex. Well, Diva #1 heard music so when the elevator doors opened on the loud floor she ran off. Sweet Pea and P’tit Soeur chased her and we were soon all dancing and continuing our night at a random party. Somehow after all of this we weren’t tired and decided to go for a late night swim in the condo’s pool and hot tub, but the emergency exit door almost locked behind us. So we propped open the door with a chair and then continually yelled at whoever went near it. Our night ended with us laughing back at our condo. We were happy and we called Diva #2 to wish her a Happy Birthday and tell her about our evening. It was fabulous!


Our Rating: Always on Thursdays

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    Wow this restaurant sounds phenomenal! I love reading about your adventures!

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    Sounds amazing ! going to florida in september, cant wait to try it !

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