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***Sadly this Restaurant is Closed***

sorry we-re closedThe Divas had heard mixed reviews about Grange therefore our expectations weren’t high. Grange is known for its wine list and tapas which makes for a great combination. We don’t usually take pictures of the decor but we were really impressed with the art made of wine corks and the chandelier over our table. The open kitchen concept was nice but on a hot day the restaurant was quite warm, especially when you went to the mezzanine to the bathrooms.

Our friend Bellatrix ordered the bloody grange which is a spin on the bloody Caesar with steak spice on the rim instead of the traditional celery salt, yum!

“Bloody Grange (Absolute Vodka, Clamato, Steak Spices, Tabasco and Lemon)” 8$

Most drinks in Grange’s cocktail menu listed the name of the hard liquor I.e. Bombay gin, Hendrix gin, etc. Restaurant cocktails tend to be made with the cheapest hard liquor since they are mixed with multiple alcohols, soft drinks or juices. Grange did not take this shortcut. Other drinks that the divas tried included a tequila grapefruit mix called the Paloma which tasted like an adult lemonade, and a cucumber tequila drink with triple sec – both delicious and refreshing.

“Paloma (Tequila Cazadores Reposado, Grapefruit Juice, Soda and Mint)” 10$ &”The Cucumber Viper (Tequila Cazadores Reposado, Triple Sec, Cucumber, Lime and Lime Juice)” 12$

Since Grange is known for its “petit bouffe” we ordered tons of little appetizers that arrived a few at a time on wooden planks. The tartares came together, one beef and the other salmon. The beef tartare sounded promising since it was supposed to be tossed in cognac but you did not taste the cognac. Salmon tartare was supposed to be served with pecans but once again we did not see many. The fish was fresh but the menu description was more exciting than the dish itself. On the other hand, the tartare portions were larger than we expected.

“Cognac beef tartare (filet mignon, spicy croutons and arugula)” 11$ & “Salmon tartare with smoked pecans (Atlantic salmon mid-gravlax)” 11$

This restaurant had decent appetizers except for the ones that were meant to be French such as the tartares and foie gras.  The foie gras torchon was not made with a high quality foie gras that Montreal restaurant goers are used to.

It was served at the same time as the delicious fried Doremi cheese. We did not know what Doremi cheese tasted like but it was the perfect amount of saltiness to match the spiciness of the jalapeno hummus.

We also had the Grange meatballs which have since been replaced by the Grange shrimp. Hopefully this is a seasonal change because the large meatball was delicious and seasoned well. We also had the crab cakes where you really tasted the crab meat and were not too fried. Even the tartar sauce that they were served with tasted homemade.

“Foie gras torchon – ginger bread puzzle + apricot confit + port of glaze” 11$ & “Pan fried Doremi cheese – jalapeño hummus + confit cherry tomatoes” 9$ & “Crab Cakes – chorizo + house made tartar sauce” 10$

Our friend Zeus, as we affectionately call him, insisted on the mini burgers and grilled cheese and we did not regret our decision. The grilled cheese made with a strong cheddar cheese in between slices of jalapeño bread would be a hit for any cheese lover. The bison burgers were delicious and the bison had the consistency of pulled pork. They were also served with a spicy mustard and fruity ketchup.

“Grilled cheese with jalapeño bread and fruit ketchup” 9$ & “Braised bison mini burgers (2) – 8 hr braised bison + old cheddar + housemade ketchup” 11$

Once we enjoyed all of our appetizers we decided to try two main dishes amongst the 4 of us. We ordered the Mac n cheese with boar bacon and wild mushrooms, and the duck dish. Both dishes were tasty but the appetizers were much more tantalizing than the main meals that are perfected in other Montreal restaurants. The mac n cheese lacked enough mushrooms and the boar bacon did not stand out, Bellatrix loves her mac n cheese and quickly grew cranky when it was not up to par.

“Grange Mac n Cheese (boar bacon, smoked cheddar, wild mushrooms and salad)” 18$

For the duck dish the potatoes that the duck was served with was more impressive than the dish itself. So we did not bother taking a picture…

The wine list was extensive and the desserts tasty but overall the restaurant had its flaws. For dessert the glutinous divas enjoyed a salted caramel pot de crème that was served with popcorn. The pot de crème was delicious and the popcorn was a nice fun touch. We also had a fruit cobbler that came with a shot glass filled with syrup to pour over. Original and delicious. The online menu does not list the desserts, therefore, they may change frequently.

Grange Dessert

This restaurant is great for a few appetizers with drinks but its French food is uninteresting and its main dishes plain. If you want a few fun appetizers over drinks with coworkers, go to Grange.

Our Rating: Meh!

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