Grand Prix Montreal – Martini Party 2017

Martini has been sponsoring racing events since 1968 when they formed Martini Racing, one of the first non-car companies to sponsor a racing event. In 1972 they began their first foray into Formula One, and they’ve been dabbling in this fabulous event ever since.

On this particular night no one was feeling more fabulous than the Divas! Hotel William Gray hosted the Williams Martini Racing “Terrazza Martini ” F1 event on Saturday, June 10th, on the gorgeous rooftop terrace of Hotel William Gray. We fell in love with this rooftop terrace when it opened in the summer of 2016, it has the most beautiful view of the city, and it’s a perfect venue for a party.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Pontarelli

With over 300 guests in attendance, the cocktails were flowing, the hors d’oeuvres were provided by Maggie Oakes, the hotel restaurant within Hotel William Gray, and the music was superb. It was a gorgeous Saturday night, and if Grand Prix Montreal is THE party week in Montreal, then the Saturday night is the pinnacle of fun. We put on our sexiest outfits, and had a fabulous night under the Montreal stars.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Pontarelli

There were plenty of Martini F1 cocktails to choose from, the Martini Pina was with Martini Rosso and pineapple juice, the Martini with Tonic was made with Martini Vermouth (Rosso or Bianco) and tonic, the Martini Prosecco was served chilled, and the Floral Negroni was Martini Rosso Vermouth with Bombay Sapphire Gin and St Germain Liqueur.  Our absolute favourite was the Martini & Rossi Frosé cocktail with Martini & Rossi Rosé, lemonade and peach liqueur, but we threw back a few Floral Negroni cocktails too.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Pontarelli

We drank too much, texted boys that we shouldn’t, and had a fabulous soirée. In a party this large you expect mediocre canapés to feed the masses. This was not the case at this party, as Maggie Oakes astounded us with their truffled arancini, we simply couldn’t get enough. We weren’t even subtle about it, when we saw a waiter go by with a tray of arancini, we pounced. They were piping hot, cheesy and easily the best arancini that we have ever tasted. And we aren’t just saying that because we were drunk.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Pontarelli

Bruschetta was served on crostinis, as well as beef carpaccio that was divine. We loved the halved figs with whipped goat cheese. Talk about decadence! Hotel William Gray did not skimp out; the food was incredible. When we first walked in we noticed how packed it was but the bar was very accessible and there was more than enough food; they served the large party impressively well.

Fig & Goat Cheese
Photo Credit: Jennifer Pontarelli

Maggie Oakes has a sexy aged meat counter in their restaurant. That’s right, they age their own meat, meaning that they should know something about it. Nonetheless we have never eaten a lamb chop at an event that wasn’t cold or overcooked. Lamb chop canapés are not ideal, besides being messy, they’re never that tasty. The lamb chops at Hotel William Gray melted in your mouth. The fat was caramelized, the meat cooked to an absolute perfect medium. Even Sweet Pea in her white dress risked a mess by eating a few, especially after she saw our eyes light up at our first bite.

Lamb Chops
Photo Credit: Jennifer Pontarelli

The Italian style meatballs in a marinara sauce were also a treat, as were the mini grape tomato and bocconcini skewers drizzled in basil olive oil. We were full, who knew that a lavish party with canapés would actually satisfy the gluttonous Divas? We were having a fabulous time, remembering why we love Hotel William Gray and Maggie Oakes restaurant, and why Grand Prix Montreal is always a fabulous week of fun that makes you fall in love with our city all over again.

Tomato & Bocconcini Skewers
Photo Credit: Jennifer Pontarelli

As an added treat, we were happily informed that Martini Prosecco was just launched in Quebec, just the week before.  And we go to taste it before the masses, at the wonderful Williams Martini Racing “Terrazza Martini  F1 event! Were we feeling fabulous? Yes! Did we look beautiful? Is that even a question! Were we drunk and somewhat disorderly? Well it was a  Grand Prix Montreal party after all!


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