Festival Yul Eat Montreal 2015

If there is ever a time to visit Montreal, it is during the summer months. We aren’t called the city of festivals for nothing! Every weekend is filled with things to do and lately, there seems to be a food related festival around every corner – not that we’re complaining 😉

Festival Yul Eat Montreal 2015 - Quai de l'horlogeThe second edition of Festival Yul Eat Montreal, in collaboration with Delta Air Lines, was held on Labour Day weekend at the Quai de l’Horloge in the Old Port of Montreal. This unique food festival was filled with local celebrity chefs showing off their creative skills with free tastings and workshops. Local products were being sold, and delicious street food was also available at Festival Yul Eat Montreal.

Festival Yul Eat Montreal 2015Entry to the main site was free for everyone and once inside you could buy tickets for paid events such as local celebrity brunches and dinners, as well as certain demonstrations and workshops. The weather was perfect for wandering around, sampling food and relaxing by the St. Lawrence.

Hendrick's Gin

Hendrick’s Gin

Diva #2 and the boys of Day Jobs & the Night Life checked in at the media tent and quickly stumbled upon a little gem, a Hendrick’s Gin bar, on wheels! The bartender enlightened us with the history of Hendrick’s, its unique flavour, and story, and he poured us a drink, complete with the customary cucumber garnish.

We started our day at Yul Eat with a demonstration at the Nespresso tent, with sommelier Elise Lambert. She explained how coffee, like wine, can be paired with food and desserts to bring out its flavours and nuances. We tried four different pairings with different chocolates and alcohols.  The first was a ristretto which was paired with dark chocolate, both were bitter and intense. The second coffee, a leggero, was paired with a 60% cacao and a dulce de leche. Each chocolate brought out a different facet of the same coffee.



The last two coffees were paired with a raspberry liqueur and a bourbon. The caramel flavours were brought out of the coffee and it made everything more intense in flavour. Definitely an enlightening experience.

Maille mustard had quite the setup, with tastings of their different mustard flavours, a bar serving cocktails made with Maille products and Maille flavoured macarons. A unique feature was that Montreal is currently home to one of the newest flavours, Maille with Chablis. And it was also available to buy, with a spout on site to fill your very own Maille jar.

Maille Macaron

Maille Macaron

It’s hard to believe that cocktails and desserts can be made with mustard but Maille succeeded! The drinks were refreshing and innovative and the macarons were addictive, especially the one made with mango and honey mustard!



The festival was filled with numerous food trucks and food stalls, making it very hard to choose what to eat. We started with oysters, simply because they are delicious. The crew at Shuck Me was serving the briny bivalves with lemon or lime wedges and two different mignonettes, the raspberry and mint being Diva #2’s favourite.

We also had some fish n’ chips from Brit n’ Chips. We’ve been meaning to try this place for a while, so we were happy to get a taste at Festival Yul Eat Montreal. The fish was moist, the batter crunchy and the fries were perfectly crispy and delicious when dunked in the tartar sauce, which had a nice tang to it!

Phoenix 1 Food Truck

Phoenix 1 Food Truck

The chicken tandoori naan wrap was perfect from the Phoenix 1 food truck. The naan bread was light and chewy, the chicken perfectly cooked and the carrots, cucumber and cilantro added a terrific amount of freshness along with the yogurt sauce which balanced the subtle spice of the chicken.

We also had ice cream from Crémy Patisserie but it was too hot and it started to melt, so we ate it before even thinking of snapping a photo!

Festival Yul Eat Montreal 2015 (2)We’re spoiled with all the food festivals that Montreal hosts, each one offering something different from the last. Yul Eat 2015 treated festival-goers to getting up close and personal with countless Montreal chefs during demonstrations and classes. As well as food trucks, food stalls and plenty of local products to take home and enjoy. Yul Eat 2015 was a success, with over 103,000 people in attendance, and we’re sure that next year it will be even bigger!



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