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You know our opinion on vegetarians, and if you know our opinion on vegetarians you definitely know our opinion on vegans. Are they even real people at all? But we all have our vegan weaknesses, and a good falafel sandwich is definitely one of ours. Diva #1 and Sweet Pea escaped the bustle of preparing for the holidays and grabbed lunch at Falafel Avenue in downtown Montreal.

Falafel Avenue, Vegan Vegetarian Montreal Restaurant - Salad

Sweet Pea had been to Falafel Avenue and had raved about their healthy take on the usual heavily deep fried falafels. In addition to the classic Middle Eastern falafel of chickpeas seasoned with herbs and cooked until crispy, Falafel Avenue has gotten creative. Green falafels are stuffed full of parsley, dill and mint, or sunny falafels are packed with yellow and red peppers, as well as red onions. And yes falafels are vegan, but Falafel Avenue knows that the world loves cheese, so they created a falafel stuffed with melted mozzarella. Ahhhh!!!!

“8 Croquettes” 5$

“8 Croquettes” 5$

Our two favourites were the falafels with gooey mozzarella, and the green falafel with plenty of fresh parsley, dill and mint. With your falafels you can order amongst all the tahini sauces at Falafel Avenue. The classic tahini sauce, a spicy tahini sauce, a green tahini sauce with dill, celery and cucumber, an olives, nuts and sun dried tomato tahini sauce, and a fruity red pepper, cranberry and pomegranate tahini sauce. Our favourite dipping sauce was the spicy tahini and the sweet one with the fruits.

“Big Fa: sandwich de falafel cuit au four” 6$ “Frites” 3$

“Big Fa: sandwich de falafel cuit au four” 6$
“Frites” 3$

We loved trying the different falafels along with the dipping sauces but our favourite thing at Falafel Avenue was the Big Fa sandwich. We ordered it with roasted pepper and cheese, as per the recommendation of the very helpful owner. This deconstructed falafel sandwich was baked, not fried, and stuffed with fresh salads and vegetables. Falafel Avenue really makes healthy food absolutely delicious.

“8 Croquettes” 5$

“8 Croquettes” 5$

We enjoyed our Big Fa with French fries that we dipped into the varied dipping sauces. We would return to try the crispy falafels wrapped in a pita sandwich too, a traditional Middle Eastern treat, or even a few salads on their own, for a lighter lunch. The owner really made us feel at home and you can tell that he loves what he does!

“Dessert” 3$

“Dessert” 3$

We ended our lunch with a traditional Middle Eastern dessert, called sfouf, which also happens to be vegan. This turmeric and almond cake was light and delicious, not too sweet, it would have been perfect with a cappuccino. Since they’re located near Concordia and McGill Universities, if you’re a student you are eligible for a 10% discount with a minimum 5$ purchase.

“8 Croquettes” 5$

“8 Croquettes” 5$

Falafel Avenue is perfect if you’re shopping in downtown Montreal and want to stop for a healthy bite, the Divas learnt that healthy can mean tasty and vegan can be fun too… although we prefer our falafel with cheese 😉


Our Rating: Splendid

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