Fahrenheit 155

***Sadly this Restaurant is Closed***

We were invited to the launch of Fahrenheit 155, the latest addition to McGill Street in Old Montreal.  We were greeted by a bathtub filled with endless bottles of champagne and Cava, and treated to a few bites from the menu, including oysters, Brussels sprouts, burgers and more.

Fahrenheit 155, Old Montreal Restaurant - Champagne

The concept for this restaurant is simple, it’s all about bubbly and gourmet burgers, something different from the recent onslaught of pizzerias that have sprung up in Montreal. Their beef burger patties are a mix of filet mignon, ribeye and prime rib, with a few other burger options on the menu including a vegetarian burger.

Fahrenheit 155, Old Montreal Restaurant

The interior is well decorated with fresh herbs under a lamp that emulates sunlight. Their décor has a functional component that ensures fresh herbs all year round in their own interior garden. This approximately 60 person restaurant is small but they still have room for a nice wine cellar in the back of the long restaurant near the open kitchen.

Fahrenheit 155, Old Montreal Restaurant - cellar

It comes as no surprise that a restaurant known for its bubbly is going to serve oysters. We can’t think of anything that pairs better with bubbly than oysters. Besides oysters, Fahrenheit 155 also has scallops and sea urchin, all three of these seafood options are all market price depending on the season.

“Oysters” MP

“Oysters” MP

We were invited to a second media night, this one was a proper sit down dinner to try out more of the menu. We started with a charcuterie board that had an edge.  It was filled with various cold cuts including homemade sopressato, spicy salami, chorizo and prosciutto. All delicious and fresh, the charcuterie was divine and perfection with a glass of wine. This board is a great way to start your meal at Fahrenheit 155, and the price is per person which is convenient!

“Market Cold Cuts and Terrines, Quebec Cheeses, House Condiments, Beef tartare” 8$/pp

“Market Cold Cuts and Terrines, Quebec Cheeses, House Condiments, Beef tartare” 8$/pp

Besides charcuterie, the platter also came with burrata, blue cheese from Quebec and mozzarella di bufala. The cheeses were creamy and delicious, perfect with the nuts and dried fruit that came with the platter. An additional treat was the beef tartare, but it was missing a little seasoning to truly make it stand out. It came with a raw quail egg on top of the raw beef, we mixed it but some spice would have given it a kick.

Fahrenheit 155, Old Montreal Restaurant - kitchen

Brussel sprouts have a bad rep and this is understandable since most people don’t know how to prepare them.  At Fahrenheit 155, they still have a crunch to them and are still a lovely bright green colour.  They’re served with a buffalo sauce for some spice, and a blue cheese sauce that’s creamy and decadent. There’s a nice balance between the slight bitterness of the Brussels sprouts and the creaminess of the cheese sauce.  Asiago flakes are sprinkled on top of this appetizer for extra flavour.

“Brussel Sprouts, Buffalo Sauce, Blue Cheese, Asiago” 12$

“Brussel Sprouts, Buffalo Sauce, Blue Cheese, Asiago” 12$

Fahrenheit 155 serves up some great burgers, including pork belly and bison burgers.  We tried the classic beef burger and the bison burger, which were served with curly fries and their house made ketchup.  The classic beef burger was dressed simply with lettuce, tomato, bacon and aged cheddar.  The meat was moist and the burger was satisfying.  The bison burger was topped with mozzarella and a cherry BBQ sauce that complimented the lean meat which could have been a little juicier.

“Beef Classic Burger, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Bacon, Aged Cheddar” 15$ “Bison, Buffalo Mozzarella, Cherry BBQ Sauce” 23$

“Beef Classic Burger, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Bacon, Aged Cheddar” 15$
“Bison, Buffalo Mozzarella, Cherry BBQ Sauce” 23$

The pork belly burger was a treat.  The beef patty was topped with a thick slice of smokey pork belly with maple and topped with cheese curds and fried onions.  If that doesn’t scream Quebec, we don’t know what does!  It was a little messy to eat but trust us, you’ll be licking your fingers!

“Beef, pork belly, maple, cheese curds, fried onions”17$

“Beef, pork belly, maple, cheese curds, fried onions”17$

Their burger buns are interesting, with pineapple juice as a unique additive. And of course what goes perfectly with burgers? Fries of course! Their curly fries were well seasoned and wonderfully crispy. Although their homemade chunky ketchup was tasty, it was too chunky for this style of fries, we couldn’t easily dip into it and scoop it up.

“French Fries with Herbs” 4$ “House Ketchup” 4$

“French Fries with Herbs” 4$ “House Ketchup” 4$

We were also treated to a seared tuna steak, sliced and cooked rare, as it should be.  It was an evening special! Although burgers is their main attraction, we actually enjoyed the appetizers and treats like the seared tuna steak, more so than the burgers themselves. It isn’t that the burgers weren’t good, but they just as expected, the beef classic burger and the bison burger didn’t particularly stand out.

 Special: Seared tuna steak

Special: Seared tuna steak

We look forward to returning and trying some other items that caught our eye, including the lobster sandwich and the gnocchi. Fahrenheit 155 is the Old Montreal’s newest restaurant with a new concept, burgers & bubbly, that delves away from the usual French bistros and Italian pizzerias that Montreal has been drowning in lately!


Our Rating: As Expected

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  1. stefania July 27, 2016 at 4:57 pm Reply

    food reviews I have read all seem to be awesome.
    im planning on going for my birthday. how’s the vibe? is it young or a mix? and does it die out quickly?

    • Montreal Food Divas August 1, 2016 at 10:16 am Reply

      It dies out quickly so we would go for dinner and drinks, and then go elsewhere! The crowd is mid 20s to early 30s when we went 🙂

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