Diva #1 grew up in Ville St-Laurent, and most of her high school friends still live in the area. Some of those ethnic children have even moved out and chosen to remain in the good ol’ hood. Diva #1 and Bellatrix caught themselves free on a Saturday with nothing to do. Some of our friends were at weddings and others on dates, so we decided to go for dinner. Zeus was feeling chatty but he was working a few hours at Elounda, so he told us to come by, eat dinner and visit him. Mere minutes from Diva#1’s home, the added incentive was that we could later visit Bellatrix’s mate was DJing at Le Crystal Reception Hall, which is also in the magical land of St-Lau.

Elounda, Montreal

Diva #1 hadn’t been to Elounda in years, It has some interesting dishes that are made differently than the more traditional Greek cuisine. The interior is unassuming and quaint, but the food was rather impressive.  Bellatrix and Diva #1 were ready for a night of fun; they came in for a nice dinner for two before venturing off to cause trouble. Zeus was excited to have us there and wanted to order for us. We obliged, after all, we were already a few cocktails in and a few glasses of a dry Greek wine that Zeus had chosen for us, so we were caught up in the moment and quite willing to let him take over control.

Elounda, Montreal - Bread

The plentiful amount of crunchy bread arrived with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and fresh herbs. This was absolutely delightful when enjoyed with the melitzanosalata, also called eggplant salad. This eggplant purée with a spicy kick is rarely made well in Canada but is perfection in Greece. Diva #1 usually avoids it on menus as she has been disappointed too many times. Zeus proclaimed that it was delicious so Diva #1 trusted her fellow Greek and quickly fell in love with Elounda’s take on this dip.

“Melitzanosalata” 6.50$

“Melitzanosalata” 6.50$

Both Diva #1 and Bellatrix love oyster mushrooms. Elounda provided a generous amount of meaty mushrooms that almost tasted like steak. The char marks were apparent on the mushrooms, which only added to their wonderful flavour. These mushrooms were perfectly paired with the woodsy full bodied wine that Zeus had brought to us.  We added some lemon to the mushrooms and it felt like we were enjoying a well-cooked marinated steak.

“Polish Oyster Mushrooms” 12.95$

“Polish Oyster Mushrooms” 12.95$

Bellatrix wanted to order the crab cakes but Diva #1 was sceptical. Not your typical Greek fare, she wasn’t sure if crab was even indigenous to Greece. Half expecting the typical synthetic crab meat that is all-too-common, it was a delightful surprise when the crab cakes arrived at our table. Two large round cakes were brought to the table and were not overly battered nor overly greasy from being deep fried. Actually they rather fresh tasting; the crab was plentiful and the batter simply accentuated the crab taste as opposed to masking it with that usual over fried taste. Even the color of the crab cakes was light and there was so much crab meat that it was poking out of the batter. This was served with a refreshing melitzanosalata side dish that was a perfect pairing with the crab meat. It was similar to a New England crab cake, but with a Greek flair!

“Crab Cakes” 23.95$

“Crab Cakes” 23.95$

After our excitement over the crab cakes, Zeus recommended the scallops. Diva #1 was hesitant, we had had enough scallops to simply shrug and say “scallops are scallops.” How were we going to be impressed? We simply expected them to be as good as expected. We were wrong, and when the half pound of scallops arrived on the table, after being fried in the richest of batters, with the creamiest of sauces, we were wowed. The lemon-dill sauce was the perfect topping for this dish! We were expecting typical pan seared scallops; instead we got an explosion of flavour in our mouths. Bellatrix was impressed with Zeus’ taste and Diva #1 now understood why Zeus was the god of all gods on Olympus. Well to be honest our Zeus isn’t that godly, he just has a lot of chest hair, a large beard and an open shirt but let’s give the ethnocentric Greekster some credit!

“Scallops (1/2 lb)” 26.95$

“Scallops (1/2 lb)” 26.95$

We were full but Zeus pressed on and convinced us to order Rockefeller oysters but made Greek-style. The large oysters were stuffed with a cheesy béchamel sauce. Not your typical Rockefeller stuffing, it was divine. You very importantly still tasted the oyster underneath the topping because nothing is worse than a stuffed oyster where you cannot taste the oyster! The Divas take their oysters very seriously.

“Oyster Rockefeller” 12.95$

“Oyster Rockefeller” 12.95$

We finished our bottle of wine, moved on to Grand Marniers and were treated to a fabulous dessert plate by the head of the house. A fruit plate with Greek yogurt, karidopita, which is a walnut cake with syrup, and galaktobureko, which is custard wrapped in phyllo dough and syrup, all arrived on a platter. The fruits were fresh, the Greek yogurt was tart, as it should be, and the two traditional Greek desserts were tasty. It was too much dessert for two already full people but it was a nice end to our meal.

We had a nice dinner at Elounda and if you find yourself in the Ville St Laurent area you should go and enjoy their fresh seafood. We are curious to see if their meatier Greek staples such as their lamb and chicken will compare to their seafood dishes.

Elounda, Montreal - Dessert

The night progressed with both Diva #1 and Bellatrix going to Le Crystal in a boozy-kinda-way to meet Bellatrix’s Mate and crash a wedding. Diva #1 has been crashing weddings at Le Crystal for far too long, it is high time that she retires. We had fun, ran into some St. Lau guys both working there and attending various weddings and we of course drank too much, took things too far and probably ensured that Bellatrix’s mate would never get hired there again. The night ended with 15 guests left at the wedding as Diva #1 danced a drunken Greek dance alone on the dance floor while everyone clapped. Too bad that neither the bride nor the groom knew her! There will be a lot of explaining to be done in the morning…but the Divas are all about bad decisions.


Our Rating: Splendid

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    I live in St Laurent and have never been there. Sounds delish!

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