Delissio Pizza Night for National Pizza Day

Everyone loves pizza and if you know the Divas, you know that we have an affinity for this Italian staple. And while we try to make everything from scratch, sometimes time is of the essence.  So instead of ordering take out and getting a soggy, cold pizza, why not try Delissio Rustico frozen pizzas?

Delissio Rustico’s Quattro Formaggi Pizza & Wine

Before you say anything about frozen pizza, hear us out.  Frozen pizza can be versatile, and we tried several Delissio Rustico frozen pizzas and enhanced them with the Diva touch, by adding toppings to their pizzas, and even incorporating their pizzas into our own recipes.  We’re creative like that … and a little loony which is clear in the picture below!

Delissio challenged the Montreal Food Divas to take their frozen pizzas and bring them to the next level by hosting a Pizza Night, so we planned a party and got creative. Actually we had so much fun that we planned two pizza parties!  The Divas never back away from a challenge and we came up with some pretty creative recipes using frozen pizzas… we think that they should hire us on their creative team.

Delissio Rustico’s Spinaci Fresca Pizza Bloody Caesar with Basil & Prosciutto
Delissio Rustico’s Quattro Formaggi Pizza with Porto Ramos Fruit Jam, Basil, Bocconcini & Chorizo

We started our night with Diva #1’s Fabulous Bloody Caesar, click HERE for that recipe, but we didn’t stop there. Why not incorporate pizza into your Bloody Caesar? Using Delissio‘s Spinaci Fresca pizza, we baked it, cut it in squares and piled it high with fresh basil and fried prosciutto for that perfect crispy texture.

We also transformed their Quattro Formaggi pizza into an appetizer by baking it, cutting it into squares, and adding a generous amount of our fig and date caramelized onion compote, also known as our Porto Ramos Fruit Jam (click HERE for that recipe), fresh basil, bocconini and chorizo. The perfect combination of sweet & salty!

Delissio Rustico’s Quattro omaomaggi Pizza with Caramelized Onions, Gorgonzola and Figs

Delissio‘s Quattro Formaggi pizza has mozzarella, emmental, blue cheese and parmesan, but somehow this wasn’t cheesy enough for the Divas.  We added some sweetness with plenty of caramelized onions and sliced dry figs, and some gorgonzola blue cheese for that extra potent Italian flavour.

Delissio Rustico’s Pollo Toscano Pizza in a BLT Sandwich with Joe Beef Bacon

We decided to turn one of the Delissio Rustico‘s frozen pizzas into a sandwich.  But not just any sandwich, a BLT!  We baked their pollo toscano pizza, and made a sandwich with fried to perfection Joe Beef bacon (for some more Montreal love), romaine lettuce and sundried tomatoes.

Delissio Rustico’s Pollo Toscano Pizza in a BLT Sandwich with Joe Beef Bacon

The pizza was sliced in half, these ingredients were placed on one half, and the other half was used to close the sandwich. We sliced it like a regular pizza pie into triangles and served it with Moishes Steakhouse Kosher Dill pickles. Our friends couldn’t get enough of this one!

Delissio Rustico’s Spinaci Fresca Pizza with Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Soup

But we did more than just dress up frozen pizzas, we also incorporated them into our favourite dishes for something different. Our Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Soup, click HERE for that recipe, is quickly becoming our favourite winter soup. It’s bold with the addition of red curry paste and turmeric, but then made creamy with coconut milk. We served our Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Soup with a slice of Delissio‘s Spinaci Fresca pizza, make sure that you dip it into the soup with every bite!

Delissio Rustico’s Funghi Pizza with Wild Mushrooms, Black Truffles & Parmigiano

We have a thing with mushrooms! And it was made clear when we sautéed portobello, shitake and cremini mushrooms with onion, garlic, thyme, fresh parsley and black truffles, and topped Delissio Rustico’s Funghi Pizza that was fresh out of the oven. If that wasn’t enough we covered in with shavings of parmigiano, and served it with more of Chuck Hughes’ Hot Pepper Spread for that last little taste of Montreal.

Delissio Rustico’s Margherita Pizza with Marinated Artichokes and Smoked Caciocavallo Cheese

We also took a classic pizza, the margherita, and made it better, if that’s even possible!  We added marinated artichoke hearts, grated smoked Caciocavallo cheese and the oil from  Chuck Hughes’ Hot Pepper Spread for a bit of heat, and another dash of Montreal. The subtle smokiness from the cheese added a whole new dimension to this pizza.

Delissio Rustico’s Quattro Formaggi Pizza with The Perfect Caesar Salad

We don’t like to toot our own horn but we really do make The Perfect Caesar Salad, our dressing isn’t made with mayonnaise or Greek yogurt, it’s authentic! You can click HERE for that recipe, and if you want to make it more Montreal use Joe Beef bacon, but we have another secret… Incorporate Delissio‘s Quattro Formaggi pizza by omitting the croutons and serving your Caesar salad with cheesy pizza instead, it was perfect!

Delissio Rustico’s Pepperoni Diavolo with Moishes Beef Brisket and Green Onions

Are you converted to frozen pizzas yet? After you try out a few of these recipes you will be! For the meat lover in all of us, we took their Pepperoni Diavolo pizza made up of spicy pepperoni and red peppers, and once it came out of the oven we topped it with Moishes Steakhouse beef brisket and green onions. While the pizza was baking, the beef brisket was simmering on the stove in its sweet BBQ sauce, it’s saucy, tangy, and the perfect addition to this spicy pizza.

Can you tell that we love National Pizza Day? We had an amazing time hosting our pizza night and sharing our recipes, and creative ideas. Don’t turn your nose up to frozen pizza, our guests were astounded that we did so much with Delissio Rustico’s frozen pizzas. If time is of the essence, pop that frozen pizza in the oven, but you don’t need to stop there, add a few ingredients to your pizza pie, make a  salad or soup, but definitely have some fun!




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