Brasserie Le Sieur D’Iberville

The Montreal Food Divas, affectionately called the Fool Divas by Day Jobs and the Nightlife, started going out to dinner in November 2011. In October 2012 our blog was launched thanks to the help of our Sensei, Montreal Brunch Review, and his glorious IT expertise (we have none). All we know how to do is eat and write, and take a few photos, but we aren’t that good at that either, particularly when boozy! We have made some darling blogger friends along the way but our favourite remains Day Jobs and the Nightlife and his lovely photographer (the nicer and younger version of the two). Imagine our glee when they invited us to Le Sieur D’Iberville for a relaxing dinner, off the record, and a photo shoot.

Brasserie Le Sieur D’Iberville, Montreal - Bar & CocktailsOff the record to food bloggers is a foreign concept. What do you mean we are just going to eat dinner? We aren’t taking pictures? We aren’t going to write about it? Sometimes blogging takes the fun out of eating because if you’re Diva #2 you’re listening and taking detailed notes, and if you’re Diva #1 you’re taking pictures and drinking profusely. So we didn’t blog, we had a casual dinner with Day Jobs and the Nightlife and we got to know another fellow blogger, Man about Montreal. Le Sieur D’Iberville took publicity photos of us at their restaurant, while we did our best to look natural in between fits of giggles and a plethora of cocktails.

Brasserie Le Sieur D’Iberville, Montreal - Hendrick's MartiniOf course we snagged a few pictures along the way, just because we were off the record doesn’t mean that we didn’t want to have fun! The Hendrick’s Martini was a favourite of Diva #1’s, especially when it arrived in a chilled martini glass. It’s all about the details! As for the food we only snapped one picture, we were feeling gluttonous and we were enjoying eating off the record so we aren’t even apologizing about it! Known for their rotisserie chicken, we ordered the messy grilled cheese with chicken and caramelized onions. It was messy and delicious! Day Jobs and the Nightlife loved their burger and Man about Montreal had their chicken and ribs. There were definitely no complaints as we all grew silent and chomped away.

Brasserie Le Sieur D’Iberville, Montreal - Panko Crusted Portobello BurgerAlthough everyone made fun of the Divas for wanting the nachos, they arrived with their homemade tortilla chips packed full of ingredients like fresh corn, homemade sour cream and pulled pork! But our favourite had to be the panko crusted Portobello mushroom burger, as seen in the juicy pic above. We left too full for dessert and quite happy to have discovered Brasserie Le Sieur D’Iberville in the Plateau. And we had such a good time that we decided to write about it anyway, even though we said we wouldn’t. We really do love what we do, even when we complain about it!

Brasserie Le Sieur D’Iberville treated us like royalty, and we are sure that it will be the place to go for hockey nights. It has that perfect atmosphere to get rowdy and yell at a TV screen. As for now we can’t wait to see their promotional photos with the fabulous Montreal Food Divas (if we do say so ourselves) and our handsome blogger friends, eating, drinking and laughing – all the things that we do best of all!


Our Rating: Splendid
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  1. Dahlia October 3, 2014 at 3:54 pm Reply

    Divas go veg!! Looks delish though! I’ll need to try it out 🙂

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