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Sometimes a gal needs to meet up with one of her closest guy friends and just talk! Talk about the bad decisions that have been made, ask advice about the opposite sex and try to find some logic in the chaos. Sensei is that man for the Divas; he is the most stable man in our life, truly a treasure amongst the junk. Although he feels sorry for us when we describe him as the most stable man in our life, he thinks that we should do better, he is always there to help us out, and we happen to get ourselves in a lot of trouble. Thankfully it only involved the police just once! So on Easter Monday, Diva #1 and Sensei went on what she called a date and he called a punishment to Bishop & Bagg on St-Viateur for a drink and quick bite.

Bishop & Bagg, MontrealOwned by the same gentlemen who brought gourmet British pub food to Montreal through Burgundy Lion, we were intrigued to see what Bishop & Bagg had to offer. The menu is a play on what they call gastropub cuisine and of course their cocktail and alcohol menu has the extensive inventory that Burgundy Lion is known for with a large beer, whisky and gin selection. We didn’t end up ordering any of their specialty liquor, nor their fun bar snacks which included salty hickory styx, a pickle plate, and everyone who knows Diva #1 knows her affinity for pickles, and some spiced nuts with rosemary.

Bishop & Bagg, Montreal - BreadOur bread and butter arrived, and the bread was very fresh and impressive for a pub. Unlike Burgundy Lion, Bishop & Bagg is a bit more on the traditional British pub side where you order at the bar and not with your waiter. Sensei was fabulous, providing much needed guidance for the young and troubled Diva #1, she loves it when they have alone time. Jealous Diva #2? 😉 Although he pretends to find the Divas aggravating, deep down inside he loves us and loves taking care of us. Spring was in full bloom, Bishop & Bagg had opened their wall of windows so that if you sat near them you were both inside and outside, truly it was the perfect day.

“Pisco Sour” 12$ “Pimm’s Cup” 10$

“Pisco Sour” 12$
“Pimm’s Cup” 10$

Diva #1 started with a traditional Pimm’s Cup, it was delicious and hit the spot! Sadly they were out of chartreuse so for her second drink Diva #1 settled on a Pisco Sour since she was craving something that reminded her of the upcoming summer. The cocktail was fabulous, the sour lemon offset the egg white which offset the sweeter components; it is hard to find a good Pisco Sour. Sensei had a beer, the Divas have an aversion to beer, every once in a while we try to have one and be cool pub girls with our beers, but it is always too yeasty and we are always stuffed before we get drunk. What’s the point? Might as well eat and fill up with delicious food, and then enjoy wine or cocktails separately!

“Boudin sur Brioche” 8$

“Boudin sur Brioche” 8$

The boudin sur brioche was one of their specials of the soirée and as lovers of blood sausage, we were eager to try it. This was our favourite of the plates that we shared, little blood sausage patties that had that lovely charred flavour were placed on tiny buns. A pickled celery compote with a mayo based sauce and vinegar coleslaw also helped dressed these sliders. We were impressed and we would have loved to order a burger-size boudin sur brioche, it was that good!

“Porchetta, grilled escarole and white beans” 11$

“Porchetta, grilled escarole and white beans” 11$

The prochetta with grilled escarole and white beans was a generous plate with a good piece of porchetta for a good price. The foundation of this dish was the porchetta and piled high was some more of the mayonnaise based sauce seen on the boudin, with red onions, fresh parsley, spinach, white beans, escarole and tons of seasoning. It was a nice dish, and we wish that Bishop & Bagg had a few more intriguing items on their menu such as this one. Unfortunately it felt like we had ordered the best plates on their menu because nothing else truly stood out…okay well maybe the beef heart salad.

“Butter Chicken, tandoori, pilaf” 16$

“Butter Chicken, tandoori, pilaf” 16$

We decided to share the butter chicken tandoori with pilaf. Two saucy pieces of butter chicken covered in chick peas on a basmati rice pilaf were placed in front of us. An herbed creamy chutney was provided for dipping and parsley topped the chicken. It was not the best butter chicken that we had ever tasted but it hit the spot. The chicken was tender, easily pulled apart with just your fork and the sauce was plentiful, although it could have been a tad more potent, it should have been rich with those Indian spices that are essential in the perfect butter chicken.

We didn’t want to stop drinking so we didn’t have dessert. Options included a lemon meringue in a jar which sounds quite lovely, milk jam with chocolate dirt which sounds like every child’s dream dessert and a cheese plate. The boys from Burgundy Lion have done it again, this time on St-Viateur with Bishop & Bagg, an old school British gourmet pub that doesn’t believe that pub-food means bad-food, on the contrary, they describe themselves as a gastropub. Montrealers love a good watering hole with a menu of fun eats, the foodie in all of us demands it.

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Our Rating: As Expected
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  1. Dahlia June 23, 2014 at 12:26 pm Reply

    This place looks cool! Love the boudin presentation.

  2. […] Bishop & Bagg also had a grill going but we didn’t try their fare. P’tit Soeur wisely got some fish n’ chips with tartar sauce from Brit & Chips, in the neighbouring booth. We were happy, slowly getting stuffed and quite pleased with the food booths. Sensei at this point had to go and in a rare moment of affection gave the remainder of his Oysterfest dollars to the Divas; he really does love us!!!! This just meant more alcohol and oysters for us. […]

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